The armored vehicle is primarily used to indicate the armored fighting vehicle such as military tanks and vehicles to facilitate easy mobility and capabilities like offensive and defensive actions. Some of the popular examples being armored personnel carriers, armored cars, armored self-propelled guns, and battle tanks.

Nowadays, you also come across civilian armored cars that are primarily used for security purposes. Their windows are transformed into bulletproof windows while layers of armor plates are inserted into the body panels.

Unlike an armored fighting vehicle, the civilian armored vehicles look like any other ordinary vehicle.

Why armored vehicles?

The civilian armored vehicles are mostly used in government jobs or by high profile government officials. Transforming an ordinary vehicle into an armored vehicle is a time consuming and high-budget task. These cars are equally effective for Cash in Transit (CIT) purposes.

Over the last one or two decades, the demand for armored vehicles has increased to a great extent and the leading manufacturers of armored vehicles have to keep updating their technology to deliver the best solutions to their clients.

What do top manufacturers offer?

The leading edge armored vehicle manufacturers with years of experience in the industry guarantee to deliver both quality and quantity while maintaining the market price. They have the level of expertise that helps them to understand the client requirements and provide the results accordingly. With the growth of terrorism and unrest worldwide, armored vehicles are designed to suit the needs as per modern technology.

Why buy armored vehicles from top manufacturers?

  • They deliver the best products in terms of quality and technology.
  • Their vehicles are inspected thoroughly and road tested as well.
  • They have trained and certified quality check inspectors to make sure that you receive the best armored vehicle.
  • Their manufacturing involves armoring of vehicle firewall.
  • Rear bulkhead is armored with ballistic overlap.
  • Custom heavy-duty hinges are added to support the extra weight on the doors.
  • Rigorous post-production inspection is another important aspect.
  • Quality control involves rigorous interior and exterior inspection to guarantee that there are no damages or flaws in manufacturing.

What vehicles are included in the inventory?

The armored vehicle inventory comprises of sedans, SUVs, limousines, trucks, and buses.

There are a number of companies specializing in this field and Troy Armoring is one such name. These companies focus on manufacturing a wide range of armored vehicles for various purposes and they always guarantee latest technology deployment to ensure the delivery of the best products across the globe.


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