Every truck owner would agree that buying a truck may be easy, but maintaining it everyday to its best performance is not very easy. Many truck companies offer maintenance schemes periodically to make sure that the truck owners are contacted timely and all the ailments concerning the truck are addressed timely before the smallest evident or not so evident problems created in the performance do not affect the drivability of the truck.  

After visiting a truck care showroom, a splashy looking truck and a few engine parts well lubricated may seem satisfying, but that is not it. There are some parts which are certainly not paid a lot of attention to while regular maintenance. The parts like tires and shock-ups that need to be well checked for, may go unaddressed. The tires although not being a very obvious part of the aesthetics are an extremely important part of driving. In fact the tire performance can be ranked on the top when it comes to component of the truck or for that matter any vehicle.   

Tires wear and tear more than one thinks they do. It is thus vital that the vehicle owners and the maintenance managers have to be more aware of checking the tires. The tire pressure and the tire alignments need to be checked everytime the car or the truck visits a care centre. It is advisable to keep a stock of the miles run by the tires, the friction they provide and the grooves on them so that the data can come handy in deciding when to replace the tires.

One of the several parts of a truck which go unnoticed and not really looked into during regular repairs and servicing rounds, are the suspensions. When these parts start giving a problem, the drivability of the truck is hampered to a great extent and if these parts are to be replaced, the costs are very high. One such crucial component is the suspension of a the truck. Suspensions are typically the shock absorbers which are connected to the tires. The effect of a damaged suspension is immediate and can be lethal.

The shock absorbers are the reason for the dampening of the shock that the truck experiences during the drive. Shock absorption is one of the major parameters of the performance of a truck, especially when a used garbage truck for sale, is being examined. Incase the shock absorption is not proper, the truck can also topple leading to lethal circumstances on the road. A worn out shock absorber allows greater tire movement and bounce. This results in distorted tire alignment, results in poor braking mechanism and runs a high risk of losing control over the truck while driving. The trucks that need to carry heavy loads in their carriers or the garbage trucks need to pay special attention to their tires and suspensions. A thorough check of the tires and the suspensions is required when a garbage truck for sale is bought.   

The cost incurred in correcting the damage caused by suspensions is very high and the damage can also be unbearable. It is thus of utmost importance to keep the suspensions under recurring maintenance and ensure safety of the truck.

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