The Ford credit manager at your local Ford dealer will work with you directly to find the best loan and rates available for your new vehicle, pre-owned, certified pre-owned, or leased vehicle.  In addition, they will oversee the financing process of the transaction.

They will start by analyzing your credit to determine your credit worthiness.  They will examine the financial information you have provided and check with various credit reporting agencies for your scores.  Good credit will typically get good interest rates, but just because you have bad credit (or no credit history), you should not assume you can’t get financed.  Even if you are considered high-risk, there are loans available, but they may be at higher rates.

Your Credit Score

For example, your FICO score provides an overall picture of your credit history, length and amount of other credit, amounts owed, and available credit to determinate a score.  Interest rates will vary depending on your scores in relation to the lender’s risk.  The higher the score, the less credit risk and typically the better terms that are available.

Once the Ford Credit Manager has analyzed your status, they will act as a middle man between you and various financial institutions.  They can provide various options, including Ford Motor Credit, banks, and credit unions.  Most auto dealers have special arrangements with a variety of lenders to make the process easy to complete without having to leave the dealership.

Ford Credit Options For Buying Or Leasing

Ford Credit provides different options for financing depending on the type of vehicle and loan.  The Standard Purchases provides flexible payment terms.  These payments can build equity, effectively lowering the purchase price for your next Ford vehicle.

Flex Buy is available for some new vehicles and provides a lower payment for the first few years of the loan, allowing to defer larger payments.

Red Carpet leasing allows you to customize your lease from different mileage options and includes Gap Protection by waiving the gap between what your insurance pays and what you owe on your vehicle in case it is damaged beyond repair.

Handling The Paperwork

Once you have agreed on a loan, the Ford Credit Manager will make sure all of the paperwork needed to process the loan is in place for the financing department.   They will also make sure that paperwork complies with all federal, state, and local regulations for both new and used vehicles.

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