When you’re shopping for pre owned cars, it’s important to remember that everything is negotiable. This doesn’t just include price. You can also negotiate for a full warranty and upgrades for your new-to-you vehicle. Before you hit the car lot, consider these tips to help you get the best deal available. 

– Know the worth of the car(s) you’re looking for. With a smartphone, this is easier than ever. Use Kelly Blue Book or a similar website to know if the car you’re considering is priced fairly. 

– Let the salesperson know your bottom line and tell them that this bottom line is non-negotiable. This may mean that you need to walk away and follow up at a later time. This is absolutely key when negotiating with a salesperson. Assure the salesperson that you’ll be willing to buy when they meet your price, but you’re not willing to go higher than the price you originally state. 

– After you’ve met with the salesperson and given them your bottom line, follow up at the end of the week, on a Saturday or Sunday evening. Often, salespeople are trying to meet end of the week quotas at this point, and they may be more likely to work with you. 

– It’s also a good idea to follow up on a day with bad weather. Business is notoriously slow at car dealership on stormy, rainy, and cold days. After a day of no sales, your salesperson may be more likely to budge on price. If you happen to get a bad weather day combined with a weekend evening, get to the dealership ASAP. 

Remember- your car dealer is working for you. Know what you want and what you’re willing to pay before you step into the parking lot.


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