In the past, there were no armored vehicles, and moving valuables and currencies were done by force of arms or someone disguised as a normal person. Deceiving others as a normal person with plain clothes and carrying the valuables in an ordinary package or luggage as a courier was the means of transferring the valuables from one place to another. The person was, of course, armed, but their arms were hidden. If the valuables used to be in large sizes, then they were transferred from one place to another with the help of a force of arms.

As the time passed, the valuables were carried in lockers and strong boxes made of iron or wood. Guards with guns used to travel with the valuables. Railways had government troops to protect the valuables and had locked safes in them.

The first armored truck

It was World War I the first commercial armored trucks were attempted to be made after the success of armored cars of militaries. A delivery company named as Brink’s in the Chicago area in 1920 started school buses converted as security vehicles by using steel panels. The buses were followed by Model-T automobiles having armed guards in them. In the same year, the first armored car was built in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by a police chief as well as private detective Mike Sweeney. Mike Sweeney designed and put the first armored car into service for his detective bureau.

Earlier the armored cars were made up of steel plating on their body, but in 1927 the thieves buried mines and blew the truck of Brink’s which had $100,000 for payroll. In between the 1930s and 1940s aluminum plating was tried on armored cars and had an advantage of weight, but they weren’t good for long use as after a short time they used to fatigue and get cracks. In 1970s plastic armor were tried, but the result was similar to aluminum.

Modern Armored Trucks

The doors, ceiling, floor, and walls are made of steel. The steels are galvanized as well as stainless. The steels are hardened to make them bullet resistance and are made of chromium and nickel. In some armored trucks, the interior body is made with fiberglass cloth called as woven roving. Optical plastics of bullet resistant are used in the windows.

Armored trucks are actually a metal box which is sealed, and therefore it is very hot inside. The windows don’t roll down. The roof has four vents which are protected with baffle. They have dual air-conditioning and heating units. Foam-board of light weight is used on the ceiling, walls, and floor to maintain the temperature.

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