Car rental services are a very common component for travelers which many believe would be a process that is transparent and straightforward, yet somehow, it is anything but, are you really required to avail of all the add-ons just to make sure you will have the best experience.

There are a lot of questions that an average customer asks about renting a car, which always ends up in confusion and doubt, which often lead to doing wrong things that hamper their experience of renting a car, so to help you out, here are the things you should not do when you rent a car to maximize your overall experience.

  • Do not prepay for the gasoline- The gasoline charges may appeal to a customer’s desire, but it also comes with some concerns like getting delayed for the scheduled travel especially for those who have a flight to catch up. There is no need for you to prepay for the gasoline and have to undergo for all that hassle because rental companies have come up with better options for car refueling which are already being patronized and taken advantage by many customers.
  • Failure to check out for a place to refuel going back- Never do this unless you are fine of going through a lot of hassle. The best time to search for a gasoline station to refuel the car should be done after you pick it up from the car rental’s garage. You should take note of the nearest gasoline stations and make a plan to gas up to the nearest one once your rental period is up.
  • Purchasing insurance- You are swayed by how the car rental company representative talked to you about the importance of purchasing insurance while you rent their car, when in fact, if you have your own auto insurance, it instantly covers you in case that you damage the car or figure yourself in an accident. Before you decide to add this to your availed service, you should emphasize that auto insurance policies considerably varied that is why you should call your insurer first before you purchase one.
  • Saying no for upgrades- You should not always say no if the desk agent offers you some upgrade rates, if you want to drive a better car, you should ask them about the price because there is a bigger chance that you can rent a better car at a better additional cost especially at an LAX Car Rental.
  • Unable to thoroughly check the car upon departure- Sometimes a lot of people are too complacent when they rent a car that they do not inspect it for any existing damages that might be charged to them unknowingly. You should always check the car before you pick it from the rental company’s garage so that they can identify of any existing damages such as scratches, dents, interior damages, or any technical problems that might be charged to you at the end of the duration of your rental. Be careful on this so, make sure you thoroughly inspected it and checked it more than twice.


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