Are you getting ready to apply for an Ontario G1 test and aren’t really sure what the process is and where to begin? Not to worry as we’re here to break things down and make it a smooth and worry-free process so that you’re well on your way to getting behind the wheel.

What is the Ontario G1 License?

In the province of Ontario there is a graduating license program that is used. Those who are working towards their license must begin by passing the GI test and then spend time driving before applying for their full license. In total the process takes about 24 months from start to finish, from no license to your full one.

The two step process is used in order to give new drivers adequate time to learn the rules of the road, get comfortable behind the wheel, and build their confidence.

After passing the GI test you will be able to drive under restrictions. These restrictions include not being able to drive on your own, having another driver in the car that has at least four years of experience and a full G-license, 0% blood alcohol, and all passengers must have a seatbelt on.

As well you can’t drive on the QEW or the 400 series highways, and can only be on the roads from 5am to midnight. Obviously it is a lot of rules to take in and it is quite strict.

Preparing for the Test

Preparing for your G1 test isn’t something you want to rush through. Taking the proper amount of time to study and learn will help to ensure you pass on your first try.For those looking to take a Toronto driving test there are a number of services available that can help you with practice tests so you can prepare yourself that extra bit more.

Whether you’re using one of these Toronto-based services or not you will also need the driver’s handbook. This is available through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The book discusses road safety tips, the laws, and much more. This is the information that will be found on the test, so you’ll want to go over it very well.

There is Only a Written Aspect

The G1 test is strictly a written test there is no driving portion of the test. The driving portion is found in step two, when you go for your full G license. This is when you may want to consider one of the many Toronto drivers’ training schools. By enrolling in driver’s training you can also shorten the length of time you have to wait before going for your G test.

Take Your Time and Absorb the Information

It’s always wise to take your time and really absorb the information as you study for your G1 test. The practice tests are a great idea to test just how much information you are retaining. It can also help to point out areas you need a bit more work in.

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