Is the car you’re hoping to buy, winter-ready? As the cold weather kicks in, we’re dressing ourselves in extra layers to protect ourselves from the cold but make sure your car is just as prepared as you are. By knowing and understanding your vehicle, you will be fully prepared and learn what it takes to ensure your car is safe to drive on the road during adverse weather conditions.

We all dread the cold weather but in spite of the challenges such as driving on icy or snowy roads, winter can be the best time to buy a new 2017 volvo xc90. Whether you’re buying a new or old car, there can be massive savings during this period as new plates are being released, clearing the way for new models arriving in the new year.  However, don’t be put off by pre-registered cars as they are still a great bargain. Dealerships are also quiet, so heavy cuts are made to maintain sales. The off season means that certain cars such as sports cars or convertibles, are not commonly purchased in the winter season compared to the summer months. There are fewer people in the market to buy them but that’s not to say that people won’t buy, as they actually tend to sell for less at discounted prices as dealers will be more willing to strike a bargain to move an older model.

Driving in the winter weather is very different compared to the conditions in a warmer climate. If you’re thinking of buying a car in the winter, there are other factors to consider in staying safe on those tough road conditions. Just like how people prepare their vehicles for the Winter, think about being winter-ready with your approach to buying a car in lower temperatures and the off season.

One of the main things to check when purchasing a car in the cold season are the tyres. It is recommended at least 3mm of tread for winter motoring, and certainly no less than 2mm. However, winter or all season tyres are useful too.  They provide a better grip in the cold wet conditions due to the high silica content in the tread to prevent hardening at lower temperatures. It is said to improve grip almost three times the grip of standard summer tyres. It is also worth checking with your insurance provider as you could potentially save money on your insurance premium too, if your car is equipped with winter tyres. Make sure your new car has the right antifreeze. The water pump in the engine can be frozen if it’s been stationed outside for a certain amount of time, which is something to consider during the cold weather as it can cause the car to not operate properly.

There are certainly benefits to buying a car in the winter. If you’re interested in purchasing a new vehicle at this time of year, then the current state of the automotive market allows for huge savings and great deals. In the winter, there are less people willing to stand out on the forecourt in the cold, which means less competition for the best models! The down side of car shopping in the winter is having to endure the elements, but be brave, wrap yourself up properly and you’ll have nothing to fear. By comparing prices and models on the computer from home, you can save a lot of time in finding the right car, as well as securing a better deal, all before you’ve had to even take a step out into the cold!

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