You can enjoy the benefits of a novated lease through The novated car lease, through this website, gives you the opportunity to get your favorite car in a cost-effective way. This gives you the opportunity to maintain a possible tie-up between the employer, you and Leaseexpress. The novated car lease is extremely helpful as it gives you access to the income tax and GST settings. You can also enjoy the benefits you receive from the discounted car which you receive through novated lease.

You can receive full coverage

The car you receive through a lease is well maintained and you can expect smart buy. Your car will always be under the service and maintained. The insurance has to be arranged accordingly and through you can get your insurance and get the coverage of your vehicle parts. Your family needs the safety and security and the alignment of the wheel, repairing of the tires as well as the car brakes everything comes under the insurance cover.

Assistance and maintenance is confirmed

You will always receive the assistance of the road with peace of mind 24/7. You can choose your new car by putting the exact requirements in the boxes given in the site. You can choose your desired model and the make and put it in the boxes given. You have to add your postal code, your state and your country and your salary packaging. These requirements will help to calculate the weekly cost of your car taken on lease.

You will receive the greatest satisfaction ever

You can save your time and money through trusting us and giving us the opportunity to get yourself a new car at the discount which will impress your mind and satisfy your family. They can arrange the new car and its delivery for you and you can pass your agreement with us. You can arrange your own cost and give yourself a break by reducing all the taxes and preferably enjoying your car and clearing the payment from your salary, every month.

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