While all the auto parts that constitute a car should be paid equal amount of attention when it comes to the maintenance of a car, there are certain car parts which are indispensable. Two of such car parts are the chassis and the steering wheel. If you do not have much knowledge of the inner workings of a car or are a first timer, it is more likely that you have heard of a steering wheel and not a chassis. This is because people tend to quickly recognize the car part that is visible from the outside. Hence, while people can name car parts such as the steering wheel, hood, grille, mirrors and tailgate off the top of their head; they might need some assistance to remember what function a chassis, radiator, ignition or an exhaust serves in a car. Nevertheless, there isn’t two more vital car parts than the chassis and the steering wheel.


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Just like the human body cannot function without its skeleton, a vehicle cannot be built without the chassis, which forms the “bone structure” of a car. Being the very foundation on which the rest of the car parts are assembled, it is unique to every make and model of a car. It also needs to be spot on as well as durable to withstand the weight of all the car parts that is stacked on it. If it is less than accurate, the entire design of the car can get messed up. On the other hand, if it is not strong and durable, it can break down even before final product is decked out. Some of the components that help the chassis achieve maximum potency are motor mounts, swivels and steering links, coil spring, stabilizer link and shift boot.

Everything from the top frame, seat frames, drivetrain to suspension parts are mounted on the chassis. Hence the chassis has to be reliable in order to support all the aforementioned car parts and more. This is why only car experts are trusted with the task of assembling the chassis and is not the job for amateurs. It has to be ensured that the chassis is sturdier than of the car parts assembled on it. Hence, in the event of a car crash, it is often seen that while the outer, visible car parts get crushed under impact, the chassis remains standing. Also, the chassis plays an important part when it comes to shopping for replacement auto parts for your car. This is because not only does every replacement auto part have to align perfectly with the inner chassis of the car, they have to be the right dimensions and weight.

Steering Wheel

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The steering wheel, unlike the chassis, does not need an introduction. Any car owner is perfectly aware of the all-important role that the steering wheel plays on the smooth running of the car. One wrong steer than be the difference between life and death. Hence, one does not have to be told twice that the steering wheel has to be maintained in an excellent condition at all times. A steering wheel that gets jammed or difficult to operate poses the risk of putting not only the driver’s life in danger but also his fellow passengers’. It empowers the driver to manipulate his vehicle in any direction that he wants.

Steering wheels have evolved over the years. The noticeable advancement in steering wheels is the fact that it has been bestowed with power steering. This has made driving and making sharp turns a lot easier. Unlike the ancient days when it took a lot of effort to steer a car due to weighed down steering wheel, today’s power steering system makes directing car wheels a breeze. Power steering operates on a hydraulic-based power steering pump that makes for a smooth operation of the car. Working fluid and power steering fluid constantly circulates within the system to keep the steering rack from causing friction. Some of the other car parts that enable the steering system to be kept in perfect balance are control arm, pitman arm, steering column, tie rod ends, struts, strut mounts, sway bar and sway bar link.

While the steering wheel can get damaged due to a collision, the chassis endures huge amounts of wear and tear over the time and may get brittle and vulnerable to breaking easily. PartsAvatar.ca Car Parts hosts a number of car manufacturers that have excellent records in selling auto replacement auto parts including chassis and steering wheel. In addition to chassis and steering wheel components, you can also look for high-quality antifreeze such as bmw antifreeze for your car’s cooling system maintenance. Some of the readily available car parts here are:

  • Front Spring
  • Power Steering Hose
  • Power Steering Pumps
  • Power Steering Kits
  • Power Steering Seals
  • Rear Springs
  • Shocks
  • Struts
  • Steering Parts
  • Suspension Parts

Since the chassis and the steering wheel are among the most valuable car parts, one should never compromise with the quality of the replacement parts by opting for shady car producers. Some of the top car manufacturers selling chassis and steering wheel components and accesssories are Buschwacker, Mr. Gasket, Felpro, Moog, Monroe, KYB and Mevotech. If you are planning on installing the chassis using aftermarket car parts yourself, you will need a full set of components including  subframes, crossmembers, rails, pillars, braces, brackets, mounts, bushings, body plugs, ground straps, helical spring and chassis hardware. When it comes to steering wheel, you have to keep components such as steering knuckle, inner tie rod, lower control arm and quick struts in stock. All of these components along with the tool kits and equipments needed to accomplish the task accurately can be purchased from Parts Avatar Canada.