The market for used cars is always changing and it is no longer common for a buyer to negotiate the terms of a sale as it was in the past. Today, there are many dealers who want to shed the negative image of distrust and unreliability in the used car sales world. That is why so many have decided to start selling their used cars using a no-negotiation process. They price their cars at the market value and that’s the price that the buyer pays. Since these cars are priced significantly lower and at a reasonable amount, there is typically no reason to negotiate at all because the buyer usually feels as if he or she is getting the best deal straightaway.

Is Every Used Car Dealer Making the Switch?

While many dealers have chosen the no-negotiation process, the method is not all across the board yet. This means that there are still some dealers out there who will price their cars at a much higher amount than their market value and therefore it is okay to negotiate the price. If you find a car that you are interested in priced lower than your local dealer, you may want to take a printout along with you to help you start the negotiation process. Do keep in mind the age, kilometres, and overall condition of the vehicle when comparing prices since older cars and those with more kilometres will typically cost less.

Tips for Comparing Prices to Get the Best Deal

If you plan on negotiating with a used car dealer, you need to have a good idea of the price range for the car that you have in mind. You don’t want to shop around for used BMW cars for sale if you don’t know what the current market value is for the model you want. Therefore, you should check out a variation tool to look up the type of car you are interested in and find out how much it is worth.

A variation tool can also be helpful when you are selling your own car. This resource can help you price your car at a reasonable amount so that you can sell it faster. This is a great benefit if you need the cash to purchase another car or simply want to sell your car in a hurry.

Even if you aren’t planning on negotiating, it is still a good idea to compare prices using a variation tool or researching the cost of used cars online. You will know what price range to expect and quickly spot if a dealer is asking too much for a specific model or year.

Stay Calm to Ensure the Best Results

Used car sales people are usually very pleasant to deal with. They are trained to be friendly and should have good people skills to ensure that they will make sales. It is obviously a better experience for everyone involved if the two parties remain calm, relaxed, and in good spirits. Anyone buying a car would be more inclined to purchase a vehicle from someone with a good attitude rather than a dealer with poor communication skills.

However, if you become too relaxed during the negotiation process, you could end up letting your guard down, and perhaps paying more for a vehicle than you should. You can still hold on to your objective as you remain polite and friendly. Remember, the dealer is trying to make a profit and his or her primary concern is selling you a vehicle. It is not to help you save money. Keep your cool and remain persistent. This will help to ensure that you receive all the discounts and deals that are available so that you get the car that you want at a price that you can afford.

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