Both Audi and Mercedes are luxury German brands. If you are considering purchasing a car from either of these manufacturers, you may find yourself wondering who makes the better car. Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to lean towards an Audi Rochester over a Mercedes.


The Audi outperforms the Mercedes. An Audi has powerful engines and upgraded suspensions. This allows for a smoother ride, better car handling and a faster, all-around automobile. Of course, every vehicle has its own performance specs and there are a few Mercedes models that outperform, but on average, if you want a car that is built to perform, the Audi is it.


When put to the test, more people preferred the interior of an Audi compared with the interior in a Mercedes. Not only does the Audi offer many different interior packages to help ensure you love the color and material, but they also offer new technology inside the car that Mercedes does not yet offer in their vehicles.


As you look to purchase an automobile, price comes into play. You need to ensure that you can afford the new car that you are looking to purchase. Every model of both Mercedes and Audi vehicles have their own price point that increases based on the add-on features you select. But when you compare similar Audi vehicles to Mercedes with equal features, the Audi is typically cheaper than the Mercedes.

An Audi has many benefits that a Mercedes simply does not have. If you are ready to learn more about an Audi or take one for a test drive, visit Auction Direct USA. Let us put you behind the wheel of your dream car today.

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