If you love the key tags and if you want a keychain for yourself from the CG key tags then, there are certain facts which you need to know about the website. If a product is not available or is out of stock then, you can only get access to it after two months. CG Key tags take some time to bring back the product to the stock after a time period of sixty to ninety days. If any permanent discontinuation of a product is decided, then, they will inform you.

You will always be notified

The payment method is easy as PayPal method of payment is considered along with the access to other major credit cards are also accepted. The next important thing for you to remember is that the website is always on the tip-toe in responding to all your emails. So, if you do not receive any emails from us then, please check your spam or very trash. It might be a possibility that the mail has been mistakenly deleted by you. Another important thing is to make sure you give the correct email address during registration with the website.

Patience is the key

The support team and the management group are always present to send you the notification for your favorite key tag. Sometimes, it might take some time due to bulk messages they receive; a little bit of patience is always expected from your side. The support team will definitely get back to you with your solution and the response. The other prominent fact, which they usually face, is that the orders which you give usually take time. Your orders will take some time to reach you sometimes it might take three to four business days.

Delivery depends upon your exact choice

Your patience is something this website always expects. You will always expect that they will send you an immediate notification when your orders get shipped and are on the way to reach you. You will receive your invoice correctly. Remember one thing; your chosen key chains are the one which will be shipped so there is no scene of risk and misplacing or manhandling.

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