Protecting loading docks is a recurring request for industrial safety which we are going to talk about. Most safety stores are attentive to the specific requirements of their customers. Hence, we offer solutions of stops and chocks to protect loading and unloading docks of merchandise in warehouses, industrial buildings, and commercial buildings, such as shopping centers and large surfaces.

Dock Roller A-Safe Protector For Load Springs

Its double roller system absorbs impacts and oscillation up and down the truck during loading and unloading operations to avoid damage to the dock, the truck, and the merchandise. As official suppliers of the A-Safe brand, we offer the latest generation of the Dock Roller and
Rubber wheel chocks, which has incorporated substantial improvements that make it more resistant and durable over time, with better protection capabilities.

Long Bumper

The traffic bump is a very versatile top of large size, robustness, and high visibility that can be used both to protect the wall and to delimit the traffic lanes of the trucks and the exact place of a stop at the loading dock, even more, if the use is complemented with wheel chocks.

Wall Protector

Protector for parking, logistics areas and loading docks that can also be used as a lane separator and horizontal signage. A simple and fundamental element of industrial safety that improves the signaling and delimitation of spaces.  Also used to protect the walls of cold rooms made with panels.

Short Pvc Bumper

According to each requirement of protection and delimitation of loading docks, logistics areas, and warehouses, this robust short PVC cap is widely used as a rail separator or horizontal road marking, prevents invading dangerous areas, rubbing other vehicles or structural elements, such as columns or walls Excellent quality/robustness/price ratio.

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