If you are thinking of driving a two-wheeler vehicle, then be prepared to take a Compulsory Basic Training test. While you can ensure your own safety by wearing helmets and protective clothing, you have to take this exam to ensure the well-being of other road users. The CBT exam is designed to make you a safer driver. This exam consists of five sections. These sections combine both theory and road-safety skills to gauge your abilities as a two-wheeled vehicle driver. The results of the CBT test will determine whether or not you will be allowed to drive this type of vehicle, therefore, you need to prepare for the exam.

The CBT Test

It usually takes one day to complete the CBT test. The test itself is made up of five section, as mentioned above, that include introduction and eyesight check, on-site training, on-site riding, on-site road training, and on-road riding.

– Intro and Eyesight Check

In this section, you will be taught about the importance of this test, the vehicle that you will be permitted to drive, and given a timeline of the things to expect for the rest of the day. Some of the activities that you should expect include eyesight check, license check, and a discussion on what is required of you by law to ride a two-wheeled vehicle.

– On-Site Training

This section of the test takes place in a wide open space where you will be introduced to the bike by your instructor. He or she will explain the controls to you and give you an opportunity to walk with the bike. This is done to allow you time to get feel the bike and get comfortable with how it moves and its weight.

– On-Site Riding

At this point, your instructor will ask you to sit on the bike and start its engine. The instructor will then ask you to ride in a straight line and negotiate corners as he or she observed it. He or she will also observe how you start and stop the bike, so take note of these. You will most likely do all these in a figure eight circuit.

– On-Road Training

After mastering how to ride and manoeuvre the bike, you will proceed the theoretical part of the test. The instructor will take you through road positioning, the laws of riding a bike, the Highway Code, and more in this section.

– On-Road Riding

This section involves actual riding on the road. Your instructor will ride behind and give you instructions over the radio, which you will be equipped with. This takes two hours in which the instructor will be taking note of everything you do to make sure you are fit for the road.

As you are preparing for a CBT test using the pointers we’ve given you, don’t forget to call us and book your test as soon as possible.

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