Car buying is not like another house hold buying, it needs conscious decision and proper planning. When it comes to buying a used car one should follow the tips discussed below.

At first, you should decide the price range and sort out the car. As the car market is growing, many makes and models of car are available in certain budget. Analyse the need and choose accordingly. If a person lives in Qatar he or she should go for heavy cars like Nissan Qatar for the dangerous roadways of Qatar.

Secondly, the source from where you get the car is very important. Now a day there are plenty of options, such as, online car bazaar, used or second hand car dealer, broker, authorized dealer, newspaper ads personal referral etc.

Thirdly, there are many financial companies are available to get loan for the used car purchase but the interest rate for the used car loan is always higher than the loan for the new car. So it is better to deal with cash.

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Certified used cars are the best option to buy because manufacturer or dealers conducts a thorough check and defective and worn out parts are replaced. Warranty is the most vital part of purchasing car. So it is very important to go through the coverage and the other terms and condition.

One should check the odometer before buying car because it is not a good idea to buy lightly used car as cars are made to run, if the is not in use for long period it may causes problem. One should clarify all details before purchasing. Before buying the car all over checking by a trusted mechanic or in a service center is very much important. Most importantly, before getting the car make sure that name change in insurance is done or insurance transferred to your name. Delivery note or transfer paper is also very important. At the time of delivery date, time, odometer reading should be noted on the delivery note. It proves that any outstanding on this car before to that date is seller’s responsibility.

At the end, mostly, used cars are purchased by the people who moved somewhere for shorter period. In every country or the big cities used car market where dealers or private seller’s offers variety of services and discounts, but as an interested person I prefer used cars in Qatar which has a big market there.

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