Any company that uses a vehicle for work activity should consider the inclusion of commercial roadside assistance plans as part of their auto insurance policies.  A stranded vehicle can contribute to potential financial loss for the company and may even place the employee’s life at risk if the situation is dangerous.  To ensure your company does not face or reduces the risk of these particular challenges, it is recommended commercial roadside assistance coverage is put in place.  This article will provide information on the different benefits associated with the use of this type of assistance plan and the commercial roadside services.3

  1. Mechanical Repair

In many situations, the cause of vehicle breakdown will be due to certain mechanical failure.  In this incident, it will be beneficial to have commercial roadside assistance coverage so that the roadside services will be able to provide minor repairs at the scene of the breakdown.  Unfortunately, it may be the case that the vehicle will require more severe repairs; therefore, there will be the need for towing.

  1. Emergency Towing Of The Vehicle

If the vehicle becomes disabled but cannot be repaired at the scene by commercial roadside services, it will be necessary for the services to tow the automobile to an open auto repair facility.  As part of a commercial roadside assistance coverage plan, emergency towing will be free of charge and will be provided to tow the vehicle to a facility of the company’s choice. Best Roadside Service offers towing up to 75 miles.

  1. Failed Vehicle Battery

When experiencing a vehicle battery failure as a cause of breakdown, it is necessary to receive a “jump start” in order to return to full operation.  To receive the jump start, you will need jump leads and the assistance of a fully running battery from a second vehicle.  This can be provided by the commercial roadside services.

  1. Tire Changing

If one of the commercial vehicles presents with a flat or damaged tire, it is necessary to remove or replace it with the inflated spare tire.  In the majority of situations, it would be possible to complete the replacement of the damaged tire independently; however, if the equipment or inflated tire is not available it is necessary to contact emergency roadside services.  It must be noted that these commercial assistance services do not always have spare tires available for replacement meaning there may be a need for towing to a garage where you will be able to obtain an inflated tire.

  1. A Lockout Service

A common, and rather embarrassing, situation resulting in the need for emergency roadside assistance is the case where the ignition key is locked inside the vehicle.  A roadside assistance service offers a lockout service that can resolve this situation by using tools to open the vehicle and retrieve the keys.  It is important that you check whether or not this issue is covered in the commercial roadside assistance coverage plan.

  1. Route Planning Services

One of the least considered aspects of a commercial roadside assistance’s services is the route planning service.  This is useful as it provides directions for any individuals who may be lost when on their way to an appointment or making deliveries.  It is possible nowadays to use the services of a GPS device; however, this gadget does not always have the data for a specific area and using the knowledge of roadside services is far more beneficial and accurate.

  1. Emergency Fuel And Water Delivery

Being stuck without fuel is a dire situation for drivers and is one of the most challenging problems to face during a breakdown.  For any commercial vehicles that are covered by the commercial roadside assistance plans, it is possible to obtain emergency supplies of gasoline, oil or water when needed.

Breaking down can be a difficult situation to manage; however, by using commercial roadside assistance plans you will be able to control the situation.  Using the information above you will be able to make an informed decision regarding whether or not this particular type of insurance coverage is beneficial for your needs.

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