For most young adults, the costs associated with your vehicle are often one of the highest expenditures you have on a month by month basis. Some of these costs are due to law requirements and are unavoidable. Others are simply to do with getting the vehicle up and moving. Here we go through some of the costs that are associated with running your car as a young driver and show how to get some of these down.

Required by law

Car Insurance

This is required by law to protect all vehicles on the road. Young drivers often find themselves hit with high premiums that cripple their bank account. To reduce your insurance, there are a couple of things to consider. Firstly, the choice of car is crucial. Cars are grouped into different insurance categories that range between one and fifty. Buying a car that is on the cheaper end of the scale, nearer one, will make the cost of insurance far smaller.

Secondly, adding another driver who is considered ‘low-risk’ is effective at reducing the insurance costs. This can be a parent but bear in mind that pretending a ‘low-risk’ driver is the main driver is illegal. Thirdly, calculate the mileage that you will be using your car for. The fewer miles the miles you drive, the lower your insurance premium will be, so make sure that you calculate this correctly. The last things to consider are that paying monthly will cost you interest as well as being wary of insurance add-ons that may be more expensive than separate quotes.

Car Tax

Working in the same way as car insurance bands, different cars will have different tax bands. Make sure to pick a car with a low tax band to save money.


Yearly testing for all cars over three years old, this can constitute a significant proportion of money spent on your vehicle if you have an older car. Make sure your car is checked regularly and seek out inexpensive parts, for example, if you have a Vauxhall then check out Vauxhall breakers. Warranties can be a way of avoiding large associated costs but check to see what your quoted warranty includes.

Fuel efficiency

Type of Car

Different cars will have different levels of efficiency

Driving style

Accelerating gently and driving slower can significantly reduce the amount of fuel you use.


Take out unnecessary items from your car that is heavy as excess weight means excess fuel consumption.

As a young driver, you want to make sure that your vehicle costs are as low as possible, so you can begin saving. Use these tips to lower your car costs and spend your money on other parts of life.

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