When driving a manual car, it is important to avoid stalling the vehicle. Stalling occurs when the car’s engine abruptly stops due to a lack of fuel, air or electric spark. Although stalling is an unpleasant experience, it is unlikely it will damage the engine. However, you still want to avoid it. After you earn points on auto parts, you can earn some personal points by knowing how to never stall again.

When You Stop

Many drivers first stall their cars when coming to a stop. As you approach the stopping destination, you need to gently press on the brake. From there, you should depress the clutch to disengage. If you are coming out of first gear, you need to depress the clutch and then brake. Once you are at a stop, you need to depress the clutch again. Before pulling away, put the car in first gear.

When You Pull Away

Once you get on the road, you still need to be cautious of stalling. You should depress the clutch pedal using your left foot. From there, select first gear and gradually apply pressure onto the accelerator. You should reach about 1,500 revs doing this. You can slowly decrease pressure from the clutch until you reach the biting point.

When you are able to, you need to release the handbrake. You can keep lifting the clutch pedal slowly while putting pressure onto the accelerator. As the car begins moving, you can slowly remove pressure from the clutch. All this time, your right foot needs to hold steady onto the accelerator.

Do Not Worry

Stalling is not the worst thing that can happen to your car. When you stall your car, you should apply the handbrake and put your vehicle into neutral. From there, you can restart the engine and get back on the road. You have nothing to fret. Whether you want more information about stalling or need to buy a car battery charger, you can get in touch with an auto parts store near you. You can also check out for them online and make a purchase. Online purchasing might not be easy for everyone as many have not tried it yet. But if you go for it once you will surely want to go for it again and again. You save your time as well as money with online shopping.

If you are not sure anything about your car or how to get quality auto parts for your car then you can search for the information online and you can surely get lots of information which will be of great help. So, fear not and take no tension as you can search online today and make things easy for yourself. There are so many people who are going for online shopping and making their purchase easy and affordable and it’s time for you to try it out. Maintain your car well and you will enjoy it for long and you can drive safe everytime.

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