When we are using a vehicle, we can’t afford to be aloof about its safety aspects. Safety in the vehicle we are riding in, is not only important for ourselves, but also for the people around. Hence, whosoever is using a vehicle, be it the owner or the driver, checking out the safety components before you head out for a drive, should be a regular habit without fail. But among all the other safety parts, the first thing to check out is the brake. It is the part your car safety is completely dependent upon.

So checking the brake system, before you start the car to drive, should be at the top of the list. if you are heading towards a long road trip, it is always recommended to have your brakes inspected before you take out your vehicle. This is a mandatory step only to make sure that the brakes are in safe working condition and that they are immediately responding to the inputs of the driver with a single light press of the pedal. During our vehicle inspection at the Phoenix Mazda dealership, we were suggested that, if you experience any of the following things, it is time for you to get your brake pads inspected, and they also explained all the aspects that are related to a brake inspection session.

All About the Brakes

Brakes do have a normal wear out process that gets out of order after its usual life span. It is an item for any car that needs to be immediately replaced, once it has worn out. Changing brake pads are generally covered under routine maintenance, where the service mechanics will automatically check the braking system of your vehicle at least once in a year cycle.

What the Inspection Should Include

A thorough brake inspection of your car should include the condition of the brake lining, level of brake fluid, thickness of the rotor, condition of the hoses and the brake lines. They should also check for the dash warning lights that indicate issues with the brake and conduct a test drive to see if anything gets detected as a potential issue for the brake system.

If you find your car pulling towards unevenly to the left or right, or even if you hear some odd noises coming from the brakes when you apply them, it is a plain  indication that it is time to get your brakes inspection done. There are even other warning signs of brake issues you might experience. They include brake warning by an illuminated light, low pedal feel, brake grabbing, feeling of vibration and hard pedal and a squealing sound from the brakes.

Reasons that Affect the Brakes System

There are several factors that can affect the brakes. The braking system can experience untimely wear because of unhealthy driving habits, poor operating conditions, incompatibility between the type of vehicle and the quality of the brake lining material.

The expert team of the Mazda dealership near Phoenix suggest never to put off the routine brake inspections as it can be potentially dangerous for everyone in and out of the vehicle and will be equal to playing with lives.


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