There are different types of alternators. These types greatly depend on the way they are designed and the power they produce. Alternators transform mechanical energy into electricity, powering various accessories in your car. 

When shopping for high output alternators near me, you should consider getting the best type available. Thankfully, the market is flooded with different types of alternators you can choose from. Here are some of the common types.

Brushed and Brushless Alternators

Brushed alternators are one of the most common on the market. These alternators use carbon brushes with a single rotor to produce electricity. 

On the other hand, alternators that use two spinning rotors to generate electricity without the need for carbon brushes are known as brushless alternators. These alternators are one of the best high output alternators near me. 

Brushless alternators produce electricity with a small generator at the end and two rotors spinning. After the electricity is produced, it is then converted to an electric current to power accessories. 

Given that brushless alternators have a more efficient design, they are typically used in applications requiring long-term use. They are also more reliable than most types of alternators.

Diesel Electric Locomotive Alternators

This is another common type of alternator. Diesel alternators use electric motors or traction motors to drive locomotives. The power in their motors is derived from a complex and sophisticated electrical system, with the alternator being at its heart. 

Diesel engines power the alternator to produce electrical power for driving the traction motors. Once the electric energy is produced, it provides the propulsion power to the driving wheels. This causes the wheels to roll along the rail track. 

While Diesel alternators are quite effective, they are not very common. This is the case because they are only limited to locomotives.

Besides, they might not be a great option if you are looking for the best high output alternators near me. Such alternators can be used in vehicles to power air conditioning, lights, and other accessories.

Automotive Type Alternators 

Automotive alternators are also very common. These types of alternators generate electrical power by being bolted to the engine. After that, they are driven by a drive belt or serpentine belt that rotates the alternator pulley.

In most cases, this type of alternator is used in combustion engines. It is also common in some types of hybrid vehicles.  

The several different types of alternators mean you have a great selection when looking for one!