Much like your pets, your gadgets, or yourself, your car is something that you should not neglect.

When you own a vehicle, you have to ensure that you maintain it properly to keep it in tiptop condition. Not only will it make you look good driving it, it will also help in ensuring your safety as well as that of your passengers and other road users.

Car Maintenance Is a Must

Buying a car also comes with the responsibility of looking after it. Some car enthusiasts even treat it as part of their family, much like how a pet is to a pet lover. Regardless of whether you are a car buff or not, a car needs the proper attention since it is your trusty companion on the road.

Car maintenance must be observed primarily for your safety. You don’t want your car bogging down and leaving you in the middle of nowhere, nor do you want its components to go haywire and cause accidents.

There are plenty of car servicing offers that will help you keep your car in good health, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have it checked. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your running costs low. Neglected cars tend to break down often and this translates to more cash out of your pocket.

Keeping a car in great working condition will also benefit you in the long run. If and when you decide to sell, well-maintained cars will have a higher resale value compared to cars that were left to deteriorate.

To help you keep track of your car’s maintenance needs, here are five services that you should get:

1.     Air Conditioning System Service

You should have your car’s air conditioning (AC) system checked and serviced annually. This is important as it will ensure that your AC is clean and working properly. A dirty AC will put additional strain on your car’s engine, wasting energy and demanding more fuel for it to function correctly.

2. Brakes and Suspension Service

A car’s brakes are an important safety feature. These allow you to slow down or stop instantly to avoid an accident. It is so essential that leading car manufacturers even invest millions of dollars on safety research to improve braking systems. Volvo, for example, has even come up with the world’s first car that can stop itself – a technology wherein the brakes automatically kick in when they detect an impending collision.

A car’s suspension is also crucial as it ensures the right handling of the vehicle. When the suspension or its components are worn out, the possibility of the car being unstable may reduce driver control and accelerate the damage on other suspension system parts.

Neglecting both the braking and suspension systems might lead to poor driving conditions, or worse, accidents.

3.     Oil and Filter Change

Car experts recommend that you change your vehicle’s oil and oil filter every few thousand kilometers. Over time, the engine’s oil will wear out and this results in inefficient lubrication of the engine as well as its ability to absorb heat. That is why it is essential to have your oil changed using only world-class lubes. This will ensure that the mechanical parts are all working effectively without overheating.

Dirty or clogged oil filters make it possible for contaminants to get to your car’s engine. These impurities can damage your vehicle’s engine and affect fuel economy. They can also block the flow of oil, which results in engine failure.

4.     Preventive Maintenance Service

You should religiously follow your car’s Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) schedule. PMS is comparable to a health checkup for humans. During a PMS check, your car will undergo a thorough inspection to see if all the parts are still working and in good condition.

Adhering to a regular PMS schedule will help optimize the durability, performance, safety, and resale value of your car. It will also detect car malfunctions or parts damage and will ultimately help you avoid car breakdowns.

5. Tire Service

Your vehicle’s tires are the parts that are in constant contact with the road. It is therefore crucial to have them checked and replaced when there is considerable damage to ensure your safety.

When you go to a reputable car care center, skilled technicians using professional equipment can help determine if your tires are still fit for the road. Tire services include computerized wheel alignment, computerized wheel balancing, and other tire repair or replacement services.

Carefree Cruising

There are other preventive and mechanical services to ensure that your car is in the pink of health. These days, you can even schedule a car pick up and drop off service when you don’t have the time to personally go to a service center. Additionally, there are easy booking and advance booking services that help you stick to your car repair and maintenance schedule.

It is crucial that you properly maintain your car so you can happily cruise along knowing that you and your passengers are safe. When you make sure that you take care of your car, your car will also take care of you on the road.


Luigi Rubinacci is the Director of Strategic Ventures at AW Rostamani Automotive Group. AUTOTRUST Multibrand Car Service and Accident Repair is the Group’s strategic division that deals with the accident repair and service of all brands and makes of cars. Its service centers currently operate from Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.


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