Performance wheels are quite literally the lynchpins that hold the overall driving experience of your car, together. High-performance wheels, coupled with the premium high-performance tyres, take the handling and performance of your car to another level altogether, and look pretty good doing it too!  Here’s what you should keep in mind when choosing the best and most suitable performance and niche wheels in Australia for your car.


  1. Wheel size

Wheel size is crucial in determining a proper fit. It is important to check the handbooks or manuals provided by the manufacturer of both the tyre and the car to ensure that the chosen tyre-and-wheel combination is the right one for the car. There are several dimensions to deal with in performance wheels; the first is wheel width. A proper fit ensures proper response and better overall control in handling; it also provides a smoother ride. The rim width must be chose according to the vehicles given specifics. A wider rim gives better stability and steering experience; it is also better for cornering. A narrower rim, on the other hand, might give a smoother ride but reduce the vehicle’s overall performance, especially in conjunction with performance tyres. One can strike equilibrium for a comfortable and yet high-performing street experience by choosing a wheel width that is approximately 90% as wide as the tread width of the tyre.

  1. Hub centricity

What, you say? This is merely the design of the vehicle that determines the kind of niche wheels that is to be mounted on the car. In a hub-centric situation, the bore-hole in the centre of the wheel is a perfect match for the diameter of the car’s hub. Lug-centric is the exact opposite of these: here, the lug-nuts are the only guide to proper positioning and mounting of the wheels. This is an important determining factor in the selection of performance wheels for your car.How_to_Choose_Performance_Wheels_for_Your_Car3

  1. The Bolt Circle

No, this is not a coven of Zeus-worshippers. The bolt circle is, in fact, the diameter of a circle that is formed when one lines up the centres of the lugs in the wheel. This imaginary line is the reference point to include the lug screws in patterns of 4 to 8 screws. The wheel’s bolt circle has to match with the car’s, or the custom wheels cannot be utilised for that particular model.

  1. Wheel Backspace and Wheel Offset

These are often closely related: the first is the distance from the back of the wheel to the hub-mounting surface, and the second is the distance from the centre line of the performance wheel to the mounting surface. These are vital in ensuring a proper fit of tyre and wheel onto the car.

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To choose the best wheel for your car, measuring the load-carrying capacity is also extremely important, to avoid flexing, overstressing and increased heat dissipation. Once you have balanced all these factors and found a product that incorporates all of these, you’re good to go! You can go ahead and get the performance wheels in Australia that provide the best experience, together with your tyres, and look great doing it. We hope this helped, Be sure to follow our blog at for the latest automotive tips and guides!

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