If you’re a Nissan vehicles fan, you might very well know that this automobile giant always tries to give their patrons that best version of their vehicles each year. And of course, whenever these new features get introduced, Nissan always ensure to make these features and technologies widely available. Among these convenient features is the Rear Door Alert. But how many Nissan vehicles have Rear Door Alert technology? Let’s find out.

Rear Door Alert Technology Trivia

Would you believe that the idea of the Rear Door Alert Technology came about because a pan of lasagna was accidentally left at the back seat of a car overnight? Sounds a bit funny but that’s true. The technology was invented by two mothers who were also engineers. One of them, as mentioned above, left a pan of lasagna on her car overnight. She then wondered what could have happened if it was something far more important. Because of this incident, Rear Door Technology came to life.

What is the Rear Door Alert Technology and how does it work?

The Rear Door Alert Technology or RDA is a system that uses the horn to alert or remind drivers to check the back seat as they might have left something there after they have parked the vehicle. In addition to using the horn, it also uses door sensors and a message display on the center of the instrumental panel to relay the message and alert the drivers.

RDA technology monitors when the rear door is opened and closed before and after the vehicle is in motion. A series of notifications will be flashed if the rear door was used prior to a trip but was not reopened after. Once the vehicle is parked and the ignition is turned off, the system will initially display a notification in the instrument panel which may progress to subtle, distinctive chirps of the horn that would alert the driver that something was left inside the vehicle. The system is user-friendly, easy to configure and can be temporarily, or permanently, disabled using the menu in the cluster display.

How many Nissan vehicles have the Rear Door Alert Technology?

The Rear Door Alert technology was introduced as a standard feature on the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder – known to be a fantastic vehicle option for families. In 2019, Nissan is adding the technology as a standard feature on 8 new vehicles. Among those are the highly anticipated 2019 Rogue and the 2019 Altima.

But other Nissan vehicles fans need not worry as the manufacturer is going to keep pushing the Rear Door Alert technology to be a standard feature on all of their 4-door sedans, trucks, and SUVs by the year 2022.

Looks like the RDA technology is something that us busy and forgetful people need. Do you agree?

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