It’s great that you like your car enough to hang onto it when the manufacturer’s warranty expires, but how will you pay any costly repair bills that come due? An extended service contract from NCWC Inc Dealer Services is a great way to protect yourself from spending a ton of money on unanticipated mechanic’s bills.

An extended service contract is like the warranty the manufacturer provided with your vehicle but better. Most manufacturers choose where you can get your vehicle serviced if you want them to pay for it, while extended service contracts offered by NCWC Inc. allow you to choose any repair shop located in the United States or Canada. The claims process is simple too: just give your mechanic the phone number in your contract and you’re done! NCWC Inc. will handle the payment directly, so you don’t need to act as an awkward middle man.

Manufacturer’s warranties are also one size fits all, as there is no way to tailor your coverage to your needs. NCWC Inc. allows you to choose from a wide range of options. If you have an older vehicle and a tight budget, you may choose Engine coverage to protect against the most costly repair bills at an affordable price. If you purchased every optional gadget available for your model, you can protect them all with Select coverage instead. The choice ensures that your coverage fits you instead of the other way around.

NCWC Inc. also offers bonuses with every contract that go above and beyond what a manufacturer provides. Trip Interruption Protection protects you in case your car breaks down when you’re 100 miles away or more from home. You’ll receive a stipend for meals and lodging while your car is in the shop, taking some of the pain out of your interrupted trip. A car rental may also be covered if you would prefer to go home.

You also get valuable roadside assistance, granting you immediate access to a spare tire, towing services, or an emergency jump start as needed. A locksmith is covered if you ever lock yourself out of your vehicle. There is no limit to the number of claims you can make over the life of the contract, so utilize it as often as possible.

Finally, your coverage is 100 percent transferable. This means that you can include it if you ever sell your car, increasing the vehicle’s value on the resale market. How many manufacturer’s warranties let you do that?

Extended service contracts from NCWC Inc Dealer Services offer so many advantages over the traditional manufacturer’s warranty that many drivers opt to purchase one even before their warranty has expired. This is actually a smart decision, as newer vehicles with active warranties cost less to protect than older models with a more questionable service history. You may also tailor your service contract around an existing warranty to avoid paying for the same type of coverage twice.

For more information on what NCWC Inc Dealer Services can do for you, visit the company on the Web at They are also accessible by phone (800-599-9557) if you would prefer to talk to a person. Either way, you can count on reliable protection from costly repair bills when you choose NCWC Inc.

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