The main use of the linear actuators is in machine tools and industrial machinery, in disk drives and printers, and dampers. These actuators automatically stop themselves as they get to the end of their stroke. There are many types of linear actuators available in the market, but you can also order them online. Online companies provide the best quality actuators and ensure the timely shipment of the product. The designing of these actuators is done in such a way to provide the precision and accuracy. There is a variety of actuators that are available with forces from 35lbs to 2200lbs that you can avail from online websites.

Specifications of classic linear actuator:

  • There is a large range of stroke lengths that vary from 1 inch to 24 inches.
  • These linear actuators are available in 12VDC or 24VDC.
  • Dynamic force varies from 35lbs to 200lbs.
  • Static force varies from 70lb to 400lb.
  • IP rating is 54.
  • 12v DC input is required.
  • Able to draw 5A of max current.
  • The diameter of clevis end is ¼” which is present at each end.
  • Operational temperature is -26 degree Celsius/ 65 degree Celsius.
  • Built-in limit switch is present.
  • Rubber protector and hard case are available.
  • There are 2 fuses for overload protection also.
  • Manufacturing is done with high-grade aluminum.
  • MB1 brackets are also available with this model.

Uses of classic linear actuator:

There is a wide range of these machines which can be used for different purposes:

  • These linear actuators are used in industrial applications.
  • You can also use them in agricultural, construction-works, and also in medical industry.
  • In the lifting of sunken loads where pushing, pulling, or positioning is mandatory.

More about classic linear actuator:

Clevis-type brackets can be fitted quickly via a quick release on both sides of the unit. Brackets provide more flexibility in the placement of the unit and also help in reducing the amount of custom fabrication. This helps in the working in the cohesion of all the components of an assembly. Hard case protects the actuator from scraping or damaging.


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