While it may seem to be a condescending waste of time being drilled on the basics of road safety you believe you know only too well, the reality is that too many people today do not adhere to such rules, and too many incidents and fatalities are a result of an ignoring of such foundational safety regulations. While used luxury cars may enjoy a better performance than many other vehicles, you still need to ensure that you drive sensibly and with focus.

Maintaining the Right Speed

The most integral factor that ensures everyone’s safety on the road is speed and acceleration. If everyone respected each other on the road in terms of speed limits and other acceleration-regulating road signs, most road accidents would never occur.

While driving, you should always know what the speed limit is, and keep under it. You can do this by keeping an eye on the speedometer, which will always indicate if you are going over the limit. Owners of used luxury cars may be tempted to take full advantage of the heightened acceleration in their prized possession, which must only be done in private racetracks and the like.

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Keep your Seatbelts on

You should always ensure that you have your seatbelt on, as in the event of a collision, it is one of the few things stopping you from plummeting through the windshield. You should also make it a point of reminding your passengers to keep their seatbelts on. Remember that their lives are in your hands, and you have a responsibility to ensure that they are always in the safest conditions possible.

Never Drink and Drive 

It may seem like a good idea when you are a few drinks down with your friends at the bar, but drinking and driving often results in some of the most agonisingly tragic accidents imaginable. Families are continually and frequently shattered by the idiotic culture of drinking and driving that too many countries suffer.

Being drunk causes a lack of coordination, a diminishment in sound decision-making capabilities, and erases the alert and aware frame of mind one needs to be in when driving. Then there is just how warped a person’s vision can become, with tunnel or double vision often occurring. Finally, you can easily just lose consciousness while driving.

Get Rid of Distractions

You don’t need much in the way of a distraction to cause an accident. Unfortunately, any wrongly timed lapse in concentration can result in a crash. For this reason, you need to ensure that your attention is on the road as much as possible. Here are three of the most common distractions to look out for:

  • Loud Music: Everyone enjoys listening to music while they drive, especially on long trips. It is when music becomes far too noisy that issues arise. Being overly-stimulated by blaring music can cause your concentration to diminish. Your ears are also a very important asset towards road safety, and by masking important sounds, you are omitting a certain level of necessary awareness.
  • Cellular Phones: One of the biggest sins of too many drivers is being on their phones as they drive. With the dawn of more advanced smartphones, this handheld distraction has only become even worse. Keep them in your pocket.
  • Animals and Children: Our beloved pets or offspring can often cause a potentially risky ruckus when they begin impacting on your concentration. Please ensure that your kids are always securely strapped in.

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