RAC estimates that over 93% drivers have lent their support for the bill that will regulate private parking in the UK. Majority of drivers claim that private parking firms are aggressive with regards to collecting fines, while more than 80% believe that the fines are not even proportionate to the offence. There have been reports that many parking tickets, counting to millions, are illegal, which means that drivers have right to refund. People in the UK paid about £94 million in 2017, with cities like Brent, Croydon and Bristol ranking on the top of the city list.

Assuming that each penalty is charged at the maximum, which is around £100 for each offence, the charges can be astonishing for motorists. RAC released figures, which also suggests that the amounts increased in the month of Nov-Dec. More than 70% drivers claimed that the terms and conditions were not readable or were hidden in car parks, while 69% also claiming that the charges were high and unreasonable.

UK Carline released numbers, which pointed out that most number of fines were issued on Saturdays, and in comparison, the numbers were limited on Sundays.  RAC suggests that the new bill must address certain aspects to be the success that drivers and motorists want. Things looked positive for harsh parking fines as of January 2018 with the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill, but RAC suggests local authorities and councils may become a part of the war against the drivers. As a result, car parking charges and permits may have an increase of about 45%.

The government is aware of the dissent of drivers with regards to parking fines and costs, but will things change? At least, we can hope so, given that things are known to authorities.

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