If you’re preparing to go hunting for your next car, you’ve probably got some ideas in your head about the make you want, the colour, the accessories etc. But if you’re not thinking of electric cars, you should be. And we are going to take you through a few reasons why.

Easy on the Wallet…

One of your biggest concerns, whatever the purchase, is going to be how much money you’ll be parting with. An electric car is a great bargain. Yes, you may need to brace yourself for the initial pick-up purchase, but the real cost of a car doesn’t necessarily come from buying it, but what it takes to maintain it. Which brings us to our next point.

…in the Long Run

Petrol and diesel can come with high costs when compared to electricity, especially in regards to the motor. A petrol/diesel engine comes with a lot of complicated parts that you need to work to maintain, such as the exhaust system, starter motors, oil and fuel injection systems to name but a few.

But with electric cars, you only really have to worry about the on-board charger, inverter and motor. These parts can be easily serviced from time to time and don’t force you to get in touch with your inner mechanic.

The Environment’s Best Friend

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of electric cars will tell you that they do wonders for the environment. An electric car comes with zero exhausts, which means zero exhaust emissions, which cuts down on the air pollution considerably. You can drive around the open road without the worry of filling the air with a black cloud of exhaust fumes or any other poisonous gases.

A Steady, Gentle Drive

A steady journey requires a solid focus, and even if you have grown accustomed to it over time, the roaring of a petrol engine can be quite distracting, especially if you’re sensitive to sound. Because electric cars have 100% torque available for acceleration, the transitions you make are a lot smoother and the engine barely emits any noise. These features offer you a steady and serene driving experience, and all it takes is one small journey to experience all the benefits an electric vehicle has to offer.

Petrol Stations Become a Distant Memory

How many times have you needed to pull your car over in order to stock up on petrol? A ten-minute pitstop doesn’t feel like much, until you start adding up the years over your lifetime. Rather than indulge prices that are always inflating, all you need to do with an electric car is take it home, plug it in and leave it to charge overnight, just like you would your phone or computer.

Now that you’ve been bought up to speed on the benefits, you can start thinking about what kind of electric car would work for you. To start building a picture of your preferred model, check out this helpful guide on electric cars.


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