When it comes to look off-road hauling, Truck matters a lot. There are two types of trucks are used in the field of off-road hauling: rigid and articulated. They both are similar in the characteristic of designed technology and often they are used by recent tech trends to add enhancements in operator

They get differ from an operational standpoint in the technology; it offers the operator to operate the actions of loading and unloading the loads by remote monitoring. It offers traction control, downhill speed control, in mining, and birds-eye view to remote the actions in the seated position.

Rigid truck Vs Articulated Truck

Rigid truck – designed to transport heavy material as rocky and abrasive over against well-maintained roads. Advantages of a rigid truck as follows:

  • Greater payload capabilities
  • Maintain haul road
  • Heavy duty frame
  • A heavy duty body design
  • Deal with steep grades
  • Rear Wheel Drive

Articulated truck – Designed to handle large materials in adverse conditions and to operate on varying weather grades.

Ground Conditions

Ground condition is the primary thing to consider to choose the appropriate truck to work on the worksite with restricted turning space area, narrow roads and slippery. It will maximize truck production by moving hard materials to the possible distance by expanding.

Built-in types of equipment will help to maximize utilization and it reverts back on investment, the selective equipment in the truck helps to work on terrain and weather.

Size of worksite

A road with the wider and well-maintained job sites prefer rigid hauler to make works. A rigid truck has the rear-wheel as big and durable to load heavy materials such as a large amount of sand, rock, gravel and surface mines.

Articulated hauls are applicable to work in smaller job sites due to their versatility and flexibility to handle the tighter working conditions on the road.

Types of material and volume being elevate

Rigid trucks are designed to carry the large rock, shale, and ore as a bulk quantified material, it has better carrying capacity through large roads with faster in speed. Articulated hauls are not sufficient to carry heavy loads, it can load a specific amount of material and works in the smaller sites.

Rigid hauler prefers mostly by the industrialists to carry a large amount in the single lot to deliver in the marked time, but the truck price is cost effective and works over a long period.

Dumped and loading Impact.

Rigid haulers are used to dumping the loads in high and wide capacity and help to gain profit from a single trip to supply multiples customers. An articulated truck used to dump the loads in narrow hoppers.

Articulated hauler has the flexibility to work on various conditions; the rigid truck is efficient to handle large impact under a drag-line to loading, both are similar in the working specification.

Bottom line

By considering the above pieces of information, rigid trucks may seem to be a profitable choice but the articulated truck has s 6-wheel drive to attain greater capability on traction.  Across the various inclines where rigid haulers and articulated truck have boggy conditions, prefer all the conditions and decide to buy the best truck.

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