Car air conditioner or AC is a special device designed for making the air cooler inside the car. All in all, it’s a very handy device that makes you feel comfortable during a car ride. Like any other detail inside your vehicle, car AC needs a certain care, and when it stops running, it causes a great damage to the other details of the automobile, including the entire compressor.

Today, we’re going to speak about the most spread car AC faults that the vehicle drivers can meet:

1. Coolant and Refrigerant Leak

Coolant or refrigerant leak often happens in old and less automatized vehicles. Refrigerant usually runs out of its own. The leak can also appear in the AC compressor or one of its hoses. To prevent this problem, flush or refill the coolant regularly.

2. The Car AC Works Too Noisy

When you detect a noise that comes out of your car AC, remember, that the loud sounds may be caused either by an engine or by one of the hoses. However, this noise may also signal about the possible problems with the compressor.

3. Bacteria Up-building

If you don’t like the smell that comes out of your car AC, it may signal about a great mass of bacteria somewhere on its evaporator. To get rid of the smell caused by these bacteria, contact professional car mechanics from the auto AC repair in Dubai because they have all necessary tools to rinse the evaporator in no minute and at a very low cost.

4. A Shifting Temperature

Pay attention to the temperature of the air the car air conditioner blows out. If it’s a sporadic one, it means that there is moisture in one of the hoses or assemblies, and ice is accumulated and it clogs the hose or an assembly. To fix this problem, it’s necessary to take off the ice from the assembly.

5. A Car Battery Problem

The work of the car air conditioner depends greatly on the work of the car battery because it triggers it. If the car battery doesn’t have enough energy, your car air conditioner won’t work properly.

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