If you are thinking of buying a new car that is of old manufacturing date, we must say, you are taking a clever decision, especially if the model hasn’t changed any significant for the latest year release. This is so because you can own a car of your dreams at a price that could otherwise be difficult to shell out, had you bought the same model, when it was newly released.

But one needs to be a bit careful while choosing the brand, the model and the trim before making the final decision, say the experts who serve the Delran Buick GMC dealer. They say that there are some factors that need to be considered if you are going to buy a new car of yesteryear model. This is because if a particular car has been stored in the garage of the dealership, or even in the showroom floor, there are few components that might not be in really good shape, as they were not in regular use. Factors that get really worse without regular usage are interior upholstery, car batteries, engine, brakes, suspension and sometimes even the electrical parts that are linked to the wellbeing of the car battery.

But how to make sure, they are in good shape? Here’s a brief clue to the procedure.


Check the boot floor, mildew, lift carpets to if there is any water leakage or if water is getting accumulated anywhere. Even the door seals need to be inspected to make sure that they are not sticking to each other.


One thing to be firstly noted about engine is that, if the car is using a turbo engine, you need to watch out for any perished seals or hoses. To make sure things are fine, look for the key indicator that should be ideally placed with the under-bonnet foam insulation. If you find them to be brittle and powdery, it is better either to look for another car or to arrange for a replacement. Though not compulsory, but it is always good to check out the rubber parts as well.

Other Mechanical Parts:

So not forget to check the exhaust. If the steam is cold, you are on the safe side. But anything blue or white smoke coming out of the exhaust is a simple indication that you need to walk away! Even if there is any strange sound coming out of the mechanical areas, it is better to walk away.


If a car is stored for 6 months or more, the discs are most probably become susceptible to corrosion, and rapid pad wear. So, before heading for a test drive, check the brake pads immediately after you ignite the key.


Except for the air and pneumatic suspensions, though there won’t be much to be expected, it is for your peace of mind, you should check the suspension while taking a test drive.

Test Drive:

Last but not the least, the experts of the Buick GMC dealer in Delran suggest never to drive home a car, be it of any condition without a test drive. This is a golden rule to check if all the equipment is working properly.


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