Do you feel threatened as a result of the increasing turmoil in the outside world today? Are you afraid that someone will attack you someday? Or you are afraid that your valuables will be carted away in a carjacking. Then you will need to buy an armored vehicle for yourself without giving it a second thought. As the usage of deadly weapons increases today, there has also been a tremendous increase in the demand for armored cars. Ranging from government officials to business personnel, military officials, and celebrities, people are now beginning to understand how important it is to have an armored car in their fleet.

Armored vehicles are specifically built in such a way that it gives utmost protection and security to both passengers and valuables inside them. While many people are already considering buying armored limousine at Troy Armoring, some are still not sure if they should include it in the fleet. Below are some tips to help you decide too.

They are suitable and safe for virtually all trips

Without any doubt. Armored cars are the safest and the perfect option for the transportation of valuables and important persons from one place to another. The high level of armoring implemented into these cars makes them perfect for transportation even in high-risk zones. So, depending on the scenario of where you are heading, you may need to use an armored vehicle.

Always buy a new one

Even with little research, you will be able to tell that the automotive industry is presently witnessing a huge rush in demand for armored vehicles. Therefore, when you are ready to purchase one, make sure you are buying a new one because you don’t know the history of the used vehicle. It is always safer to use a new armored vehicle than a used one.

Check the ballistic standards

As you think of including an armored car in your fleet, it is also very important you are sure it has been certified. For instance, the highest protection level for civilian cars, which is VPAM VR 10 (B7+) and this covers most armor-piercing bullets and all soft-core bullets.

Make a detailed study on the glass

While you are considering many factors about your new armored car, you need also to remember an important one, which is the glass used for the car. Armored car glasses are special glasses made by putting together polycarbonate layers and regular glasses, but usually also have relevant properties like regular glasses. These glasses used to be lighter and have the ability to withstand hard-core bullets to offer protection to people inside the car.


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