With an increase in social injustice, continued assault on the streets, and random terrorist attacks, personal safety has become the prime concern in today’s modern world. The increased violence across the globe is leading to safety issues for many high profile personnel from politicians, rich executives, and to celebrities.

Getting a personal safety carrier has become utmost important and many companies are manufacturing vehicles that offer superior protection when a threat occurs. Taking this as advantage, makers are designing luxury armored vehicles that do not come at cheap price.

Let’s take a look at the top armored sedans.

Mercedes Maybach S600

Known as one of the top luxurious armoured sedan, Benz S600 offers best overall driving experience. Equipped with V12 engine that can generate power up to 510hp and torque around 612 lb-ft, it comes across as the best paradigm for armored engineering excellence. Lightweight materials, modern composite equipment, stellar performance makes it as the top pick. The iconic Maybach S600 has Mercedes’s exclusivity, elegance, and class. This timeless masterpiece features CEN 1063 BR7 ballistic protection, cutting-edge bulletproof engineering along with few other special safety features. Bringing a new dimension of security and luxury, S600 is one of the most elite armored sedans on the street today.

Toyota Camry XLE V6

From outside, this new XLE V6 remains virtually unchanged. This could be the perfect choice for those needing luxury cars without compromising safety. Enjoy a great fuel economy, relaxing interior and solid protection while remaining low-profile. The V6 engine, 6-speed automatic transmission, 6.1 inch navigation touch screen, CEN B4/B6 level of protection, ballistic glass, along with floor and roof armouring can offer an ultimate protection.

Audi A8

Most secured and armored vehicle from Audi, the A8L is equipped with VR9 ballistic certificate that means it can withstand a range of ballistics, such as advanced explosives, high powered machine guns, etc. It also gets armored box in the luggage compartment and optional features such as emergency fresh air system and fire extinguisher. It also gets technologically-advanced security feature like intercom communication system that lets driver to communicate with outer world, without opening the window shield of the car.

Jaguar XJ

This white color XJ from Jaguar offers high-fashion interior, eye-catching style, and a best-in-class driving experience. Featured in a CEN B4 and B6 level of armouring, this vehicle can withstand attack from high calibre bullets, offering optimum protection to passengers.

Designed to withstand a range of attacks, Troy Armoring manufactures and produces custom build cars that can protect occupants from high velocity bullet attacks and ballistic threats.