KTM gives a kick to another notch- With the best mapping, more speed, more power and redesigned technology forks, springs and shocks KTM has launched its unbelievable new line of motocross bike machines. The MX machines will outperform like anything with the new customised KTM Graphics as it helps in:

  • Better handling of MX machines than competition
  • Lightest on the track of MX machines


You always want your MX bike to be yours only whether you ride it for fun, pleasure or to use it professional way. In that case MX gives you a style on display and adds to your personality when you are riding on the track and can helps in giving a stylish look to your machine and enhances your presence on the track. Outstanding KTM Graphics can be used on new branded KTM 250,350 or 450 machines. But in case you have an older machine you can give a new look to your machine with the help of KTM sticker Kit as this gives a brand new life to your bike and makes you feel prouder while you come on the track.Image result for DESERVE THE BEST KTM GRAPHICS KIT


KTM stickers can be picked up from any place to be placed on your bike but the best one is OMX Graphics.  Since 2007, across the world OMX has been the only one to create and supply MX graphics and stickers and also been recognized as the world’s premier trustable source of MX graphics and stickers kit. OMX uses the highly advanced printing technologies and the best material OMX produces the highest quality MX graphics and stickers.

They have 24 different semi-custom graphics kit ranging from

  • Spike to viper
  • Lazer to OG
  • Camo to F16

Also have graphics and stickers fir the fork guards of bike, fenders, swing arms and for the other parts of your machine. All industry LOGOS are available. OMX can change the name, number, colour and logos on the graphics without any charge when you choose the pre-printed backgrounds. It can also customize use the sponsor name, race team name.

The kit will be digitally printed, laminated and cut precisely on the highest quality vinyl for your bike and the stickers will be durable and tough.


The graphic designer team will work for you according to your requirement of graphics that you want to see on your bike. For that you can let us know without hesitation as our designers are the best in the graphic designing and makes your bike looks according to you on the track.


Your experience with us of satisfaction and simplicity makes us proud. Our ordering process is very simple as it takes few minutes in producing KTM stickers according to you and takes maximum seven business days and will be shipped in any corner of the world. The stickers can be easily applied on the bike with the help of instructions given on our website.


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