Ran by a team of heroes, a fire engine is an intricate vehicle composing of multiple parts which serve different purposes.
Here is the breakdown of all the sections, parts and uses for a fire engine.
Sadly, we still don’t know if a fire truck has cup holders.

Water Hose & Cannons

Most trucks have water hoses, but some may even have a water cannon to further blast water. The cannons are usually used for longer distance fires (like fires which are too dangerous to go near). Both the hose and the cannon project water at such a damaging force that we highly suggest that you stay clear of the openings. Fire trucks can contain a water reservoir to store water for a small fire or to keep water flowing while a water source is being found. The water hose is usually connected to an outside water source from the ground (a water point/fire hydrant/lake). They’re connected to the water point as when they lift the lid off the ground, there is a pipe to which they attach the hose coupling on. It usually takes around 2 or more personnel to run and carry the hose.


The most obvious part of the fire engine is the ladders. These are simply there for firefighters to get up higher to fight fires, or enables them to enter a building if there are any citizens trapped inside a blaze. These ladders are extremely heavy and yet again cannot be used without more than one firefighter. A turntable ladder is able to rotate in multiple directions to reach other areas while other ladders can’t. In place of ladders, some trucks may use what’s called a hydraulic platform. This is attached to the back of the truck and firefighters stand on the platform while air is pushed to raise the platform into the air until it’s at a reasonable height.

Storage and Equipment

This usually contains breathing apparatus, a fire extinguisher, an advanced first aid kit and even includes various cutting apparatus called the Jaws of Life. These include hydraulic cutters, spreaders, rams and various other means such as axes. This compartment also includes floodlights and a pike pole or a halligan bar. A pike pole allows firefighters to break windows, drag things out of fires and even check sheetrock for any fires beneath the walls of a building.

Main Chamber (Seats)

This is where the team of fighters sit while going to the site of the fire. This has all their equipment (clothes, helmets, gloves etc.) and breathing apparatus behind their seats because they have to work fast. It is all set up for when there is a call through at the station. They also have a board which tally’s down air pressure and air left in the tanks, with the name of the fire fighter and how long they can last before needing to come out.


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