Finding the right car insurance is a lengthy and often tricky process. You want to ensure that you choose the best deal, free of loopholes or fine print. Luckily, this article contains some completely honest and beneficial options for you to ensure you are taken care of properly.

Just Car Comprehensive Car Insurance

A car accident is a horrible thing to endure. Not only is it scary for both you and the other driver, but you will often have to compensate both yourself and them. That is why Just Car comprehensive car insurance policy from Warranty and Insurance provides coverage for the property of both you and the other driver.

It is only too obvious as to how debilitating being without a car is. Your mobility is severely hampered, and your life is basically put on hold. The maximum effort will be put into ensuring that you are back on the road as quickly as possible, with the least irritation and problems possible.Image result for The Benefits of Just Car and QBE Comprehensive Car Insurance

Claims are assured according to three different situations. The accidental damaging of vehicles in the event of an accident such as a collision or crash, the actual or attempted theft of your vehicle as well as vandalism, and ‘Acts of God’ such as thunderous storms, wild fires, flooding and earthquakes.

What can you actually claim with Just Car comprehensive car insurance policy from Warranty and Insurance? The list is quite extensive. Up to $20 million worth of damages to another’s vehicle and property. The modifications you chose to implement into your car, provided they are legal.

You are afforded the ‘New for old’ replacement, which means that an amicably agreed upon insurance value can be agreed upon. If you happen to have owned your car for less than a year, Just Car will simply replace it with a new one, the initial on-road costs taken care of.

QBE Comprehensive Car Insurance

When searching for trusted insurance brokers, it helps to find one that has been around since 1886. Being the largest Australian-owned general insurer and reinsurer in the country, it comes as no surprise if QBE is one of the most well-trusted and well-regarded companies around today.

QBE comprehensive car insurance of Warranty and Insurance offers a similar claim instances to Just Car. Accidents such as collisions or crashes (whether the other driver is insured or not), car theft and/or vandalism and the dangers of the environment such as storms, floods, earthquakes and fires.

What can you actually claim? Here is another comprehensive list of benefits. Damaging another person’s car or property and the ensuing claim is dependent on circumstance. Emergency repairs will be quickly provided, with up to $500 being put into the pertinent temporary repairs, ensuring that you can get home quickly following an accident.

Your car will not generally be road-worthy following an accident. QBE comprehensive car insurance of Warranty and Insurance will provide you with up to $50 towards the cost of getting home, making sure you get there quickly and safely.

In the even that you can’t make it home, QBE will provide you with emergency accommodation provided you are more than 150kms from home and your vehicle is not road-worthy.

These are just a few benefits provided by these two excellent companies. If you are in need of further information, feel free to contact each of their friendly customer service experts whom will be more than happy to answer any of your queries comprehensively.