If you are a car owner then you will surely understand that your safety and the safety of your family or other passengers depend greatly on how you drive, how your car’s maintained and how your brakes perform while you drive. Come to think of it, brake pads and brakes play a very crucial role in maintaining your safety during a trip.

The longevity of your brakes depends highly on the condition of your brake pads and to make them last longer you need to follow certain techniques that will help prevent untimely damage of brakes and brake pads. However, most people, despite having vehicles, are clearly unaware of how to make their brake pads last longer.

So for all those who do not have an idea, this is how you can make your brake pads last longer:

  1. Try to keep your car speed less

Stopping a speeding car tends to affect your brakes to a great extent. This makes your brakes produce more energy than while stopping at a normal speed, which causes unnecessary damage. Maintaining a low braking speed helps to keep your brake pads in good shape.

  1. Use only right foot for braking. This helps you to avoid tapping both pedals at the same time, thus preventing premature wear and tear of the pads.
  2.  Coasting is the way to go

This helps you to keep the speed low just before braking, which, in turn, prevents brake damage.

  1. Don’t follow the driver ahead

Probably the driver ahead of you is braking unnecessarily. Avoid doing the same as this damages your brakes faster. It’s better to maintain a safe distance so that your brakes and brake pads are not affected.

  1. Keep your brakes clean

Dust accumulation in the inner drum of wheel reduces brake friction, which adversely affects the brake pads and other braking systems inside. So always keep your brakes clean.

  1. Get your brakes inspected regularly

There are certain warning signs to look for, such as squeaking, pumping of brake, brakes getting spongy, fluid leakage, and brake lights coming out. If you notice these things happening with your car brakes, then it’s time to get the brakes checked.

Keeping your car in good shape and driving carefully, on the whole, helps you greatly to make your brake pads last longer. In this regard, Cross Drilled brake pads can help you keep your braking system in good condition.

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Mittie Orozco