Making your car odometer read the 200000 miles is crossing a major milestone, which is a dream of every car owner. If you think, it is pretty impossible a target to achieve, then you are wrong from every angle. making your car achieve this milestone is neither impossible nor difficult. Rather with the modern day mechanism, you can achieve this by following few simple rules. Check out to know what they are right here.

Find a Reliable Auto Repair Shop

Though your manufacturer and the dealership from where you bought your car will have their own service center, you can also find one in your near vicinity to make things smoother. Establish a healthy relationship with the auto repair shop and keep visiting it, following the regular maintenance schedule and even beyond that.

Make the Owner’s Manual your Bible

Your manufacturer wants you to achieve the same goal, and so it has given you a guideline that instructs you everything that is right for your vehicle. If you want to take more care of your car by yourself, apart from the professional checkups, make the user manual your guide and follow its instructions.

Avoid Short Trips

Drivingshort and long distances are two different things and they also have different impact on the vehicle. More number of short trips will increase the number of engine cold starts that will translate into faster wear as the engine oil won’t get much scope to flow freely and will eventually warm upthe engine.

Learn the Signs of Trouble

Your car will speak to you with several signs and symptoms. Learning them as well as paying attention to each of them will prevent your vehicle from catching up any big issue. If you ever get to experience anything like vibrations, squeaking sound, unusual odor or fluid leaking underneath the vehicle you need to take immediate action.

Also keep a tap at the dashboard indicator lights for any sign of trouble. Whenever there is a “check engine “ light glowing and persisting for long, never ignore and take it to a repair shop for a professional checkup.

Eliminate Dirt and Other Foreign Elements

Keeping your car clean isn’t only for a cosmetic effect. On the contrary, by removing any remnants of dirt, sap, bugs, chemicals, and salt from both inside and out of your vehicle and keeping it away from any such foreign elements will prevent the vehicle from getting rusted, corroded, and decayed.

Stick to the Recommended Maintenance Schedule

To make it to 200,000 miles, you need to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule strictly, which will keep all the car parts and systems in place. Regular maintenance tasks like oil change, filter change, topping up the coolant, brake and transmission fluids are something that makes your engine and other mechanisms breathe properly. Other parts that need to be checked, repaired or replaced regularly are Filters, Brake Pads, Belts and Windshield wipers.


So, all this imply only one thing, that, to reach that important milestone of 200000 miles with your car, you need to become a responsible vehicle owner, that we hope you already are.

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