The importance of keeping the brake fluid at a good level and in good condition cannot be overstated. In fact, brake fluid is arguably the most important fluid in a motorbike.

This is because your bike’s brake fluid is responsible for transferring the force you apply on the lever to the brake pads in order to stop the rotating wheels. As a result, the efficiency of your brakes depends entirely on how fresh, clean and free from contaminants your brake fluid is. As such, it is important to always maintain the fluid at the recommended level.

Here is why it is important to check your brake fluid regularly

  • Your brake system might fail if the fluid level is low: This is probably the most significant reason for constantly checking your motorcycle’s brake fluid. If you suspect that your motorbike’s brake fluid is leaking, be sure to take it to a professional mechanic immediately!
  • The brake fluid is always under pressure: Since this is one of the most crucial components of your motorbike, it has to work perfectly in different temperature and pressure levels. If your brake fluid fails, your brakes fail too. Since brakes are frequently used in a motorbike, the brake fluid has to be in perfect condition all the time. As such, check the brake fluid regularly and ensure that it is in the right amount to be safe.
  • Some motorbike riders do not replace the brake fluid: Some riders rarely change their bikes’ brake fluid yet it is one of the most important motorbike spares sold in the market. If your motorbike is old and you haven’t changed the brake fluid, it is time to walk to the nearest motorbike spares store to get a new brake fluid system. This is because over time, your motorbike brake fluid tends to absorb moisture and other contaminants that make it less efficient. It is advisable to change your motorbike brake fluid at least once after every 2 years.

Spotting Brake Fluid Related Problems

If you realize that you are using excessive pressure when applying brakes to stop your motorbike, your brake fluid is probably contaminated. Even though vacuum issues can cause such problems too, it is easy to tell the difference because a contaminated brake fluid will give the pedal a soft feel.

In most cases, contamination of brake fluid is caused by the presence of water elements that boil whenever the brake fluid heats up. The only remedy to the problem is a complete brake fluid replacement by a professional mechanic. Luckily, you just need to visit the nearest motorbike spares store in your area. Other signs of a degrading brake fluid include:

  • Excessive pedal travel: it is a sign that your brake fluid is contaminated by water.
  • Long stopping distance, especially if the brake fluid is discoloured. Replacement of the fluid could restore the efficiency of the brakes.

Checking your motorbike brake fluid regularly is the first step towards ensuring that you and your family or passengers are safe when on the road.

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