When Hyundai wanted to apply the beauty of innovation through a perfect visualization of design in their models, the brand Genesis was born. The brand was entirely built up on the concept of “design vision” that turned every automotive product into a moving artefact. Genesis got its identity with its first few launches that exhibited a perfect proportion of athletic strength and precise craftsmanship. There was a touch of meticulous attention in every part and in every detail. As the Riverside Genesis they said, that it is the philosophy of the brand Genesis to strive for designs that will always keep stimulating the senses establishing an emotional connection between the car and the people inside.

To establish their conceptual identity Genesis has launched an entire series of Concept vehicles, from which we would start with one here. It is the concept that formed their flagship model Essentia, so they call it as the Essentia Concept.

Essentia Concept

Essentia Concept is all about creating a vision of future technology that will be based on a paradigm design. The Genesis Essentia is an all-electric concept that elevates the performance in the car to a higher level with an “Athletic Elegance”, as they call it. The design quality of the Genesis Essentia was the initial concept of the brand that aspired to bring out a true GT car challenging the contemporary status quo of the segment. Genesis did succeed in its mission manifesting the ultimate stratum of design and engineering that will establish the standard of Genesis.

Essentia being the first battery electric vehicle of the brand runs with a robust powertrain powered by a multi-motor electric engine. It consists of a carbon-fiber monocoque that is lighter than the conventional ones and gives you the option to enjoy a custom-tailored cabin as per your choice.

The Well-Planned Exterior

Essentia can be said to be quite inspired by the iconic proportions of Gran Turismo, that looks exquisite because of its long bonnet with a sweeping back cabin. The exterior body of Genesis Essentia has a Stardust Gray Metallic finish and stands lower to the ground to make it look futuristic with all the good intentions. Genesis has taken all the right steps to give the Essentia a unique identifiable look that also makes a wonderful silhouette that we witnessed at the Genesis Riverside dealership.

The front fascia of the Essentia shows how Genesis has evolved through these years to arrive at making something so unique like the Crest Grille proving their efficiency in curving out better aerodynamics. A parabolic line dominates the sides of the Essentia body framing a strong visual effect emphasizing the lengthy stretch of its overall size. At the rear you cannot miss out the aerodynamic cut-off surface with those flush Quad Lights to make the rear as attractive as its entire persona .

Interior Functionality:  Elegant De-cluttering

The Essentia cabin shows the continuity of the elegance and rather enhancing it by making a string connection between the car, the driver, the occupants and the external world. Taking the approach of mixed-material application, the Essentia cabin has an upholstery made of Cognac leather with chevron quilting that wraps you with luxurious softness. The 21-inch curved control unit gives you all the controls that makes an equally lavish drive.