If you are living in the country side and do not have sewage line for removal of human excreta then you must be aware of the importance of the septic tank. These septic tanks are used to collect excreta from the underground tank of the various houses. These septic tanks are fitted with vacuum pipe which creates vacuum and then sucks the excreta from the septic tank with the help of the pipe into the tank. If you are looking for a septic tank to be loaded on your truck then you must go for Septic TruckXpress.

Features of septic tanks

  • Material used in the manufacturing of the tank: This is the most important feature of the tank as the material used for the building of the tank is of utmost importance. It is because of the fact that if the standard thickness of the material used in the manufacturing of the tank is not observed then the tank is going to have leakage which is going to create health hazards for the entire population where seepage takes place.
  • Division of the tank provides strength to the inner walls of the tank: The tank is divided into compartments and is supported with inner iron walls. These walls not only divide the storage capacity of the tank but also provide extra strength to the tank.
  • Wider mouth of the exit pump: The mouth of the pump should be broader no less than 20 inches which could be used for storage of the waste material in the tank. This high capacity motor is being used for the fast cleaning of the tank.
  • Availability of the moisture trap is must: The moisture trap should be used at the exit of the pump to successfully suck the pressure and clear the entire mass of the tank in no time.

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