Owning a car brings you endless joy, while it also teaches you alertness and responsibility. A car owner has to consistently take good care of his vehicle, to make sure it survives longer days and continues to make you happy with each of its rides.

Needless to say, all this can be done only by performing the routine checkups and maintenance services on a vehicle, to prevent any untoward event to take place, due to ill maintenance and ignorance on the part of the owner, warned the head of the Oakland car repair center. He further added to his suggestions that as a car owner, one must know the basics of auto repair, without which a proper maintenance of a car can become difficult. In this regard, he also imparted his knowledge and experience on the basics of auto repair, which we found as worth sharing.

Auto Repair is Different from Auto Body Repair

The first thing a car owner needs to know is the difference in the terminologies “auto repair” and “auto body repair”. In this, the former relates to all those kinds of services that touch the mechanical parts of a car that has a direct role in making the car move. Right from the engine to the brakes, from the transmission to the accelerator to the steering wheel, from every mechanism that works under the hood to the wheels and tires, the services will be listed under the category of “Auto Repair”.

On the other hand, anything that treats the body parts of a car that does not relate to the movement of the car, falls under the latter category of “auto body repair”. From the exterior body parts, like the structural frame, the bumpers, the windshield, the doors, the glasses, everything will come under the “auto body” realm. Likewise, parts of the interior cabin, like the seats, the door locks, the window glass, the upholstery, will also be considered as items under the “auto body” and anything to treat these elements will be categorized as “auto body repair” services.

Categories of Auto Repair Services

The “auto repair services” are again broadly divided into two parts. One is the set of preventive services that every car needs to undergo in strict schedules. These services and their intervals are prescribed by the auto manufacturer through the user manual, and they all contribute in maintaining the overall health and wellbeing of the car.

The Preventive Maintenance services include oil and filter change, wheel alignment, tire rotation, engine coolant flush and refill, transmission and brake fluid replacement and refill, brake pad replacement, and the like. All these services are mandatory for every car since they prevent the car from suffering from a mechanical damage, and failure of its crucial operations which amount to the overall drive safety in and out of the vehicle.

The other kind is the on-demand services, where the repair job is done on a car, depending upon the issue and trouble it faces. It can involve any kind of mechanical repair services like brake repair, engine re-machining, etc., depending upon the fault the car system has developed, explained the group of mechanics at the Oakland auto repair center.

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