The police pulled you over, and now you have a citation. You certainly need a lawyer to fight DUI charges, but is it necessary to hire a CA speeding ticket lawyer for simple infractions?

In general, lawyers provide many benefits to their clients:

  • Handle negotiations with prosecutors
  • Make sure documents and filings are accurate
  • Advise clients on their best course of action
  • Represent and speak for clients during hearings and trials

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All of that comes at a price, and in truth, you have five options to deal with the situation.

Option One: Ignore It

You could do nothing, but it’s a bad idea. Ignore a citation, and courts automatically rule against you. A failure to appear is grounds to suspend your license and eventually results in warrants for your arrest.

Option Two: Pay the Fine

There are instructions on the citation describing how you may settle the fine, but paying is also a bad idea. It qualifies as an admission of guilt and results in a conviction damaging your driving record.

Option Three: Fight the Ticket

If you think you are innocent, you can show up to your court date with evidence and witnesses. After the judge listens to your argument, the ruling determines your guilt or innocence. If you fail to persuade the judge, your conviction results in the same penalties as just paying the fine.

Option Four: Negotiate with Prosecutors

Like fighting your ticket, you could negotiate with the prosecution at your trial. If this is your first offense, the judge may be willing to reduce the penalties or fines. If you have prior infractions, expect resistance.

Option Five: Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney

This method is simple and effective strategy. Traffic ticket lawyers specialize in fighting citations. They know the laws and police procedures and can identify errors that disqualify claims. The relationships they build with other professionals at the courts enable these experts to negotiate better deals than you could on your own.

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