Sunset Boulevard is a long stretch of road that takes you to Downtown LA and all the way through Hollywood. You will find yourself on the beaches of Malibu and driving through areas where neon frames the street. The appearance of the street is a clash of varying extremes. They are brought together by the hot California sun and the character of LA is captured. If you want to get to know what mysteries lie in LA while you wait for your european car to be repaired, take a drive down the famous street that is every bit as famous as the city it inhabits.

It all begins at the oldest part of LA where you will start your journey near Olvera Street. The most well-known area is the Sunset Strip. It is the section between Havenhurst Drive and Doheny Drive. It has a colorful history where counterculture protests and rock and roll called home during the 60’s to the 80’s. It has undergone a change in recent years and many luxury hotels have been built. You will see the mansions of Beverly Hills and Bel Air before reaching the famous beaches of LA.

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Eat at delicious restaurants and check out many shops along the way but there are a few must see things that you can not miss. Stop in the Guitar Center and check out the Hollywood Rock Walk; it is their rock and roll twist on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, that can be found on Hollywood sidewalks. Check out the Chateau Marmont, a name that sticks out from Hollywood films and history. It looks like a castle and has its fair share of Hollywood history built between its walls.

Check out the Comedy Store for laughs, purchase books at Mystery Pier Books, and take a tour with Califun. Meet fellow tourists as you walk along the streets taking in the views. Enjoy the neon lights and club life that arrives as the sun sets on the city. The Viper Room is a famous venue with its fair share of difficult history but it is still a place where you can find lots of incredible music. Music is a giant part of the nightlife, as is the comedy. Walk along the street with your friend by your side and pop into a number of locations where you can grab a drink and walk away with a laugh.

LA is a amazing place with plenty to do. Sunset Blvd during the day is as every bit as exciting as its nightlife. In LA, you will always find a good place to wine and dine, and a fun place to hang. Time is never wasted as you wait on Sunset Boulevard.

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