A functioning car is dependent almost on all the parts that work in combination with each other. The entire mechanism of a car is made up of several components that are dependent on the health of each other. The car battery is one such part, that plays a vital role in the making the vehicle function the way it should. If the battery fails, the car would not even take the start in the first place. And then, it can create a chain of issues for the other car components as well. Therefore, it is extremely necessary for each car owner to know what are the common causes of car battery failure which would help prevent any such thing from happening.

  1. Using the Car Lights When the Car Is Not Running

We learnt from the Buick GMC dealer Decatur, that any car component that runs on the car battery as an alternative to the car engine should not be left on, when the car is not running or when the engine isn’t in use. Leaving the car lights on, especially when the engine is not on use is one of the primary causes of car battery failure. This happens because the power that the lights extract is from the car battery, so leaving them on even by mistake, especially for long hours would drain out the battery.

  1. Not Starting the Car for Long Time

It is okay, if you do not use the car for a daily commute or for a long road trip, but by not starting the car for long period of time would cause the loss of the electrical charge, that a battery needs time to time. If the battery is out of charge for longer period of time, it will eventually result complete discharge of its power, resulting in declared as dead. If you do not use the car, keep starting your car every alternate day to avoid such mishaps.

  1. Failure of The Alternator:

The battery has a symbiotic relationship with the car alternator. Hence, if the alternator fails, the car battery would automatically not be able to hold back the charge. This way any faulty component associated with the car battery can indirectly cause its failure.

  1. Lack of Maintenance:

Lack of maintenance of the car battery too cause its failure. The Decatur Buick GMC dealer experts suggest that a regular check on its water level, regular clean-up of the battery terminals and protecting it with grease coating would save it from too hot or cold climate and rust.

  1. Using the Air Conditioning When the Engine is Not in Use:

As said earlier, any component that needs power to run should not be left on when the car engine is not in use.  Sometimes people use their car air conditioning for convenient hangout, especially while keeping it stationary. That is one of the biggest harm you can do to the car battery, as the air conditioner consumes too much power, and running it on car battery is nothing but draining it out. Avoiding such practices would help a lot in saving the battery as well as increase its life-span.


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