Meet the top 5 gearless scooters for young generation available on sale in India!

Gearless scooters are known for their comfort and easiness. You can easily raid through a heavy traffic jam, when you are on a light-weight and easy to handle and turn two-wheeler. But when it comes to motorbikes, there is always a hassle of changing gears, managing clutch and ensuring your leg on the brake. This is where; a gearless scooter is a blessing, especially for those who go through bumper to bumper traffic every day.

A major portion of the total number of people who own or drive a gearless scooter belongs to the young generation, consisting of high-school, college and even office going youngsters, who want lesser problems and complications in driving, without compromising with style, glamour and fun. This is a reason why gearless scooters are very popular amongst the youngsters.

Here, we are listing the top 5 gearless scooters for young generation available on sale in India.

Hero Maestro Edge
Rs. 50,502 (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi)



The Hero Maestro Edge is one of the best-looking gearless scooters that attract a lot of young buyers. Available in two variants – VX and LX, the Maestro Edge is offered in 9 different vibrant colors. What makes this gearless scooter #1 on our list is its attractive body design, vibrant color combinations and top loaded features, which youngsters are mostly fond of.

  • 110cc Single Cylinder, Air Cooled Engine
  • 31bhp @ 8,000rpm, 8.30NM Torque at 6,500rpm
  • Telescopic, Hydraulic Shockers on Front, Spring loaded on rear
  • External fuel filler cap, Micro-chipped key, Multifunction ignition key, USB mobile charger, Boot light, Semi-digital instrument console & LED tail lamp
  • 51kmpl

Honda Activa 125

Price: Rs.57,001 (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi)


The second gearless scooter on our list is none other than the best-selling and widely popular Honda Activa 125. We have not picked the Activa 110cc, as the 125cc variant is fast and responsive, specifically what the youth likes. We really like the reliable metal body on Activa 125, which is way better than the fiber panels. The Activa 125 is powered by a four-stroke, air-cooled, OHC engine that churns an amazing power of 8.6bhp. It is very quick and it responds very well when you throttle.

  • 124cc 4-Stroke, Air Cooled Engine
  • 50bhp @ 6,500rpm, 10.54NM of Torque @ 5,000rpm
  • Front Telescopic Suspension, Spring Loaded Hydraulic Rear Suspension
  • USB Charger, Semi-digital instrument console, LED pilot lamps, chrome panel, alllloy wheels, Always On Headlamps (AHO)
  • 54kmpl

Yamaha Fascino

Price: Rs.54,593 (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi)


The third gearless scooter on our list is the stylish and trendy Yamaha Fascino, which has been made specifically to target young buyers. The Fascino is available in various vibrant color with dual-shade as an option, which is really cool. Yamaha Fascino tries to look modern and young at an attractive price tag.

  • 113cc CDI, Air Cooled Engine
  • 7bhp @ 7,500rpm, 8.10 NM of Torque at 5,000rom
  • Telescopic Front Suspension, Unit Swing on Rear
  • Single pod analogue instrument cluster, dual-tone shades, alloy wheels, tubeless tyres and more.
  • 66kmpl

TVS Jupiter

Price: Rs.50,051 (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi)


The fourth gearless scooter comes from TVS Motors, which is widely popular and trusted for gearless scooters in India. The TVS Jupiter stands in close competition to Hero Maestro Edge, when it comes to features and performance. Not only youngsters, but even old commuters like TVS Jupiter.

  • 109cc 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air-Cooled, OHC Engine
  • 80bhp @ 7,500rpm, 8NM of Torque at 5,500rpm
  • Telescopic Shockers on Front, Spring loaded on rear
  • Alloy wheels, External fuel filler cap, fuel gauge, odometer, reserve fuel indicator, eco mode, pass light switch, USB mobile charger and more.
  • 62kmpl

Vespa VXL 125
Rs.82,197 (Ex-Showroom, New Delhi)


Lastly, the fifth gearless scooter on our list is the appealing and most attractive Vespa VXL 125. It is meant for young buyers only, all thanks to its trendy and glamorous avatar. Available in five vibrant colors, the Vespa VXL 125 wins the heart of every youngster. It is loaded with various features, reliable metal body and is the fastest on our list. However, it is the most expensive on our list too.

  • 125cc – 3 Valve, Aluminum Cylinder Head, Overhead Cam and Roller Rocker Arm
  • 9bhp @ 7,500rpm, 10.6NM of Torque at 6000rpm
  • Aircraft derived single side arm with Anti-Di front suspension, Dual-Effect Hydraulic Shock Absorber on rear
  • Analogue Speedometer, Low fuel warning, multi-focal headlamp, tubeless tyre, alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, metal panels and more.
  • 45kmpl

Which gearless scooter out of these five is the best? Or do you think we missed your favorite? Do share your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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