Honda is a reputed motor company and so it has an unlimited number of fans. Only a few brands can assure user about the quality of products independent of first hand or second hand. Honda is no surprised to be stated in these lists. Yes, whatever may be the state of Honda, it may be first hand or second hand, its quality is always at the appreciable level. But you have to be more confident with the place from where you are going to buy used bike. For example, if you are going to buy Used hero honda bikes in Mumbai through online, please choose the recognized place like site. It is the trusted site by customers. It has totally more than 60 used bikes on display.Image result for Be Hero by Being on Cost Effective Hero Honda Bikes

Few of them are explained their features as follows,

Passion ProDrs:

  • This bike belongs to 2011 model
  • It is built up of 97 CC engine
  • It is available from 32,000 at cost price

Unicorn Cb:

  • This 2014 modeled hero is available at just cost price of 47,000.
  • Using this hero, you can travel up to 25,469 KM

Shine Std:

  • This hero comes under 2102 model
  • The total life span of this bike in terms of distance is 7247 KM
  • It is built using 125 CC
  • With just 35,000, you can own this bike.

Activa 3G:

  • This bike belongs to 2015 model
  • It has 9793 KM as its total life span
  • It is built with 109 CC engine
  • It is available at just cost price of 49,000

Feel As New User Of Bike

Second hand hero bikes in Mumbai, available at site will never make you feel as you are going to become the second owner of bikes, because, the condition of vehicles are at appreciable state.


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