Since the establishment of its brand, Mazda has always aimed to offer all its segment of customers the benefits of driving pleasure in combination of an outstanding environment for the driver to keep them comfortable, relaxed and yet motivated. But what was more a priority for Mazda was to ensure safety above everything else. Rather it can be said that all the other aims of Mazda were pivotal on making each and every drive safe from the beginning of the journey till it’s end.  Based on this priority, Mazda has been pursuing its research on safety for decades. The result can be seen through the development of design that are commensurate with the safety aspects from every angle. To accomplish that ultimate goal of an accident-free automotive society, you will find the following safety measures in all the Mazda models, as listed by the Houston Mazda dealer experts, either as standard or as an option, depending upon the model and trim you choose.

  • Adaptive LED Headlight
  • Driver Attention Alert
  • Lane-keep Assist System
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Hill Launch Assist
  • Mazda Radar Cruise Control


The i-Activsense technology from Mazda is more like an umbrella term that covers a series of highly advanced safety technologies that can make the best use of the latest detection devices like the milli-wave radars and high-end cameras placed at different strategic places to cover the entire scenario around the car and help the driver place the right driving inputs. The i-Activsense technology package includes the latest trend of active safety technologies that enhance the proportion of safe driving by helping the driver with the necessary aids to get alarmed of all the potential hazards that may come his way. It starts with technologies that first prevents a crash from taking place, and then complete the methodology by installing enough equipment that can reduce the impact of the harsh crashes.

ITS or Intelligent Transport Systems

ITS  (Intelligent Transport Systems) is yet another way Mazda ensures safety in its cars. This is a system that works towards reducing the road accidents and even traffic congestion with the help of sharing relevant information on road and traffic conditions, pedestrians, and neighboring vehicles through the medium of telecommunication technologies. Since the year 1991, Mazda is proactively involved in supporting the ITS project firstly as an automotive manufacturer and then because it has its own aim of making the urban life free of accidents, and regular commuting drudgery.

Role of the Active Safety Technologies from Mazda

As learned from the team of experts at the Houston Mazda dealership all these Active Safety Technologies are primarily designed and used in every Mazda car to reduce the level of damage both on the occupants and the car, in case a Mazda traps itself in an unavoidable collision. But like any other artificial system, each of these features will have its own set of limitations, that can never replace the role of a human mind and judgement. So, Mazda will always warn you to never take the safety aspect second to any other.

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