The proper maintenance of heavy truck fleet is most important for extending the life of Heavy duty truck tires, essential tools, and long life of the vehicle. The maintenance helps to increase the profit, avoid mechanical problems and avoids the service charges.

According to the law, it is essential to maintain the truck and its wheel to avoid frequent accidents on the road, and save the items loaded in the truck & save human life.

Use of Heavy duty truck tires for heavy duty trucks

It is essential to use heavy duty truck tires for heavy-duty trucks to get grip on all side wheels when moving on the flat surface.

Designing a heavy duty truck tire is a challenging job for the manufacturer. The tire must be grip & give smooth driven in all kinds of surfaces and comfortable with the temperature, convening to the driver is the essential factor while designing.

The tires made with gross axle weight are designed to provide the maximum allowable weight of vehicle manufacturers. It includes the weight of axle and vehicles weight carried by an axle.

Affordable & Experienced Drivers for Heavy Trucks

To drive heavy-duty truck drives, the fuel mileage, maintenance, handling, comfort are in the driver’s hand. Efficient driver maintenance the vehicle fleet with his experience driving & helps for complete maintenance of the vehicle with a minimum charge.

If the driver is not accurate or experienced, there are chances of increasing the maintenance cost by improper handling of vehicles, equipment, fuel usage, etc., it is better to train the driver before entering into the vehicle.

Other specific training such as equipment installation, tire replacement, maintenance of compressor, auxiliary heating units must be initiated and included in the training.

Inflation Counts under maintenance

Underinflated tires produce more heat to the tires. Heat is not good for tires in case of vehicle handling. These heavy-duty truck tires are made with less heat produce, puncture resistance, and good economic fuel maintenance.

Matching truck Tires Matters

When the tires became old, it is essential to replace the tire. Usually, the back tires of heavy-duty truck tires get older very fast than front tires. Inc case, if you change the tire when other is in good shape, you face a mismatching tread depth.

It is advisable to use a slightly different diameter if you don’t want to replace the tire that helps to prevent overheating even in the eventual failure.

It helps for replacement of tire to match with a tread depth of remaining tires. The heavy-duty truck tires tread depth prevents excessive driveline repairs.

Benefits of using Heavy duty truck tires

It is essential to remember one thing is that the heavy-duty truck tires never helps to increase the load because some may think that tires are tougher and we can increase the load. The tires are tougher never means that the spring, axles, shackles can handle the extra weight.

The load capacity of each heavy truck can carry that much sufficient weight. The heavy-duty truck tires help to shift the load without any hurdles and give a smooth and safe journey to the driver, vehicle, load & the owner. It is necessary to maintain the vehicle to reduce the service cost and increase the profit.

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